Win over the digital customer by selling cars through chat

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By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

In today’s digital era, the way we buy and sell products has changed drastically. The automotive sector is no exception, and selling cars via chat has become an increasingly popular tool for connecting with potential buyers and closing deals.

However, selling a car via chat presents unique challenges. Unlike in-person sales, the customer cannot see or touch the vehicle, which means that the key to success lies in building trust and rapport through digital communication.

The Ideal Process for Selling a Car via Chat:

1. Get to know your customer:

Start the conversation with a friendly greeting and ask the customer about their needs and budget. Also, during this process, use clear, concise language tailored to the person’s level of knowledge. Avoid technical jargon that may confuse.

In this initial approach, the most important thing is to listen carefully to their responses and ask follow-up questions to gather more information.

Sell cars through chat and conquer the digital world | Keybe

2. Present the car attractively:

Since we don’t have the car physically, we need to find a way for the person to observe every detail, even without having it in front of them.

Send high-quality photos and videos that showcase the car from different angles. Highlight features and benefits that are relevant to the customer’s needs, which you previously identified, and be honest and transparent about the vehicle’s condition.

It’s important to use descriptive and enthusiastic language to generate interest.

3. Build trust and rapport:

When we talk about rapport, we mean creating a relationship based on empathy. Be friendly and helpful, respond to the customer’s questions promptly and comprehensively, handle objections with tact and professionalism, and offer financing options and warranties if possible.

At this stage, sharing testimonials from satisfied customers can be very helpful in building trust.

4. Facilitate the purchase:

Providing the customer with a secure link to make the purchase is crucial for selling because in a digital environment, people feel distrustful of constantly being targeted by fake companies or scammers.

For this, we recommend offering different payment options, streamlining the delivery and documentation process (or being very clear from the beginning about what may take time), keeping the customer informed at every step of the process, and thanking them for their purchase.

It’s also important to provide post-sale assistance and communicate at every stage of the process to gain more and more trust.

Sell cars through chat and conquer the digital world | Keybe

Extra Tips:

  • Communication is key, keep it open and fluid with the customer throughout the process.
  • Be patient. The car-buying process can take time, especially in a digital environment.
  • Be professional. Your customer service and attention to detail should reflect the quality of your business.

By following these steps and adapting your strategy to market needs, you can become an expert in selling cars via chat and significantly increase your sales and the satisfaction of those who trust your company.

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