1. WhatsApp line belongs to the company you work for, they can connect it with another Business Service Provider (BSP) by requesting deactivation of 2FA from the Support team. 
  2. If you want to use the line from the traditional WhatsApp Business App, it is necessary to completely delete it, which will erase all data. Afterwards, you can configure it again.

You must sign a data protection waiver document (we will provide you with the format in Support), and our team will generate a ticket to add the "Export" button so you can download your database.

In the sidebar on the left side of the interface, under the "+" icon, go to "Campaigns" and select the channel through which you want to send the communication. Each channel has its own characteristics, so you must follow the steps to complete the process. Remember to send segmented and empathetic communications. Together we will solve the current SPAM problem. 


In the sidebar on the left side of the interface, under the "+" icon, go to "Metrics" and you will find the most relevant information about the performance of your sales and service teams in Chats and sales funnels.

In Chats, click on the icon located on the right side of the conversation search bar, select whether the chat will be on WhatsApp, internal message with someone from your company, or conversations between teams with more people connected to Keybe. If it is on WhatsApp, you must use one of the approved templates that your line has to comply with Meta's privacy policies.

Remember that the first step is to have the template approved by Meta, which must be accompanied by text, and our Support team will help you with the process. The template must have an editable field ({{1}}) at the beginning, where the image or video represented by a URL is placed. For individual messages, Keybe allows you to send them as an attachment.

In the sidebar, located on the left side of your screen, you will find the "Gear" icon for Settings. There you select "Administrators" and then click on "Add team member," choose the type of permission according to their role, fill in the information, and save. With this process, other people on your team can enter Keybe through the same URL as you do.

In the sidebar, located on the left side of your screen, you will find the "Gear" icon for Settings. There you select "Administrators" and then click on the three dots of the user you want to edit. There you can modify the profile: administrator, coordinator, agent, customized. In customized, you can edit the permissions you want them to have or not have, then click save and again click on edit team member.

In the sidebar, under the "+" icon, select "Consumption" to see all the consumption of your company with cut-off dates and itemized; You will also find the invoices and payment methods where you can see the credit card related to the account, delete it, add another credit card, and load balance.

All the plans and prices we have available are updated on this link

Keybe is billed monthly based on the number of Daily Chats. A Daily Chat refers to a person who has interacted with your company, either by their own initiative or by the company reaching out to them. Select the Daily Chats package that best suits your company at this link.

Keybe connects with more than 1,500 applications in order to simplify your company's business processes, grouping all the information in a single platform. Learn more about our integrations here.

With KB: you can integrate the chats of your digital channels such as WhatsApp Business, Instagram Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and Web Chat, entering the world of omnichannel to have, on a single screen, the possibility of interacting with all the people related to your brand.


In addition, you can create and send campaigns via WhatsApp Business, Email, and SMS.

Virtualizing the cellphone line means that, from that moment on, your line connects directly from the cloud to WhatsApp Business. The phone number will still be usable on the traditional cell phone for calls and other apps that require it, but WhatsApp remains connected directly to the cloud from that moment on. Here you can find more information about it.


You must keep your line active with the minimum balance requested by your operator when you virtualize your line.

Of course! We are where you need us to help you increase your sales in a very functional version!

For Android, download your KB app: Play Store

For iOS, download your KB app: Apple Store

Tie you up? No, in KB: you do not sign any type of obligation to stay with our service. We bet on your permanence because we really add value to your business. We are sure that you will want to stay with us when you start seeing the benefits of KB: in your relationship with your customers."

Our Assistance team is available to support you with whatever you may need. KB is omnichannel and we love to assist you through different channels. In this link, we share with you our WhatsApp which is available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Colombian standard time. However, we will always be available on Sundays and holidays for emergency assistance.

Keybe KB: Novedades

Keybe's news for December are here! 🚀

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