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Keybe is billed monthly according to the amount of Daily Chats.

Keybe Plan

USD $0

Monthly fee + Carrier

  • Recommended Carrier monthly investment USD$ 42*
  • Access to the whole KB: Suite
  • USD $0.1 per additional Daily Chat
  • Unlimited Team Members
Miembros de equipo ilimitados en Keybe

*Carrier investment is an approximation. It changes based on the country and the way your business communicates with customers. Learn more about carrier investment here.

Access to the whole Keybe’s AI suite

40% de tiempo optimizado con Keybe

40% more efficient

30% en tasa de conversión de ventas con Keybe

30% conversion rate

Multiplica la capacidad de tu servicio 4 veces con Keybe

Increase response capabilities 4 times

Unlock the Full Potential of the New Generation of Digital Sales Representatives with KB: The industry-leading AI-Powered Platform.

KB: Smart Chat

  • Omnichannel
  • Multi-agent
  • Automatic Responses
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Suggested Responses and Actions

KB: Contacts (CDP)

  • Individuals and Companies
  • Automatic segments
  • Data enrichment and centralization
  • Lead profiling

KB: Flows

  • Connected with 1,500+ Apps
  • Chatbots and conversational flows

My Keybe

  • Catalog
  • Centralization of links

KB: Outbound Messages

  • WhatsApp Business
  • Email
  • SMS

KB: Metrics

  • Attention spans and heatmaps in high traffic
  • Conversation tags
  • Commercial funnel indicators
  • Individual and team performance tracking

KB: Funnels

  • Commercial opportunities
  • Customer service tickets
  • Collaborative tool

So far you may have some questions:

What’s a Daily Chat (DC)?

It involves a 24-hour session where individuals interact through Keybe's Smart Chat via:

  • WhatsApp UIC and BIC
  • Instagram Direct
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Web Chat
  • KB: Flows
  • KB: Funnels

*Carrier not included.

What does “+ Carrier” mean?

Sending messages through SMS, Emails or WhatsApp without an answer from the contact doesn't charge your company for DC. Instead, it’s billed according to the vendor prices.

What Carriers do I have to be aware of?

The monthly investment in carriers varies depending on the country and is an approximation based on historical data from Keybe. Consult the country-specific estimate based on the number of DC here.

What is an Action?

An Action (API call) is a request for data or functionality from an API (application programming interface). APIs are a way for two pieces of software to communicate with each other. They are used in a wide variety of applications, such as web apps, mobile apps, and IoT devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices?

All the plans and prices we have available are updated on this link

How do I pay my bills?

Keybe is billed monthly based on the number of Daily Chats. A Daily Chat refers to a person who has interacted with your company, either by their own initiative or by the company reaching out to them. Select the Daily Chats package that best suits your company at this link.

What integrations does Keybe have?

Keybe connects with more than 1,500 applications in order to simplify your company's business processes, grouping all the information in a single platform. Learn more about our integrations here.

Do they have an app for smartphones?

Of course! We are where you need us to help you increase your sales in a very functional version!

Does Keybe have a permanence clause?

Tie you up? No, in KB: you do not sign any type of obligation to stay with our service. We bet on your permanence because we really add value to your business. We are sure that you will want to stay with us when you start seeing the benefits of KB: in your relationship with your customers."

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