Streamline sales

Automate everything with KB: Flows.
Connected with your business digital brain.


This is the real
no-code automation

Visually create and automate workflows that will
take your sales team’s performance to the next level.

No code

Simplify workflow automation with our visually-driven platform. Streamline processes and empower sales teams to solve problems with ease.

Chatbots and

Revolutionize your sales strategy with our visual chatbot platform. Create conversational flows to enhance lead generation and streamline sales processes.

Connected with 1,000+ apps

Simplify your workflow withKB: Flows. Manage all your tools and processes
in one place for increased efficiency and productivity.


What are the prices?

All the plans and prices we have available are updated on this link

How do I pay my bills?

Keybe is billed monthly based on the number of Daily Chats. A Daily Chat refers to a person who has interacted with your company, either by their own initiative or by the company reaching out to them. Select the Daily Chats package that best suits your company at this link.

What integrations does Keybe have?

Keybe connects with more than 1,500 applications in order to simplify your company's business processes, grouping all the information in a single platform. Learn more about our integrations here.

Do they have an app for smartphones?

Of course! We are where you need us to help you increase your sales in a very functional version!

Does Keybe have a permanence clause?

Tie you up? No, in KB: you do not sign any type of obligation to stay with our service. We bet on your permanence because we really add value to your business. We are sure that you will want to stay with us when you start seeing the benefits of KB: in your relationship with your customers."

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