Discover the Power of the Delphi Method: Boost Your Sales with Strategy and Precision

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By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

Imagine not leaving the future of your sales to chance but to an exact science, selling in a world where you can accurately predict which strategies will work and which won’t, maximizing your results and leaving the competition behind. Sounds impossible?

Perhaps after you get to know the Delphi method, you’ll have a less skeptical perspective.

What is the Delphi Method?

Inspired by the oracle of ancient Greece, the Delphi method is a technique that involves consulting specialists on a specific topic to obtain information and opinions.

Apply the Delphi Method in your sales | Keybe

These are the phases of the Delphi method:

  1. Problem Definition: What do you want to know? What information do you need?
  2. Expert Selection: Gather a group of people with experience and knowledge in the topic you are interested in.
  3. Questionnaire Design: Create a series of open-ended questions that allow experts to express their opinions and knowledge.
  4. Consultation Rounds: Send the questionnaire to the experts and collect their responses.
  5. Results Analysis: Analyze the responses and look for patterns and consensus.
  6. Interpretation and Decision Making: Use the collected information to make informed decisions about your sales strategies.

How could you apply this method to sales?

With it, you could:

  1. Identify the needs and desires of your customers.
  2. Develop more effective marketing and sales strategies.
  3. Predict market behavior and make strategic decisions.

We explain with an example application in sales:

You have a software company that sells a new project management program.

Your goal is to identify the main objections of potential customers when buying the software.

Phase 1 – Problem Definition:

What are the main objections of potential customers when buying the software?

Phase 2: Expert Selection:

You must select a group of, let’s say, 10 software sales specialists. For this selection, you can establish parameters such as: how many years of experience the person must have, academic level, types of training, industries, etc.

Phase 3: Questionnaire Design:

In this phase, a questionnaire with open-ended questions about the most common objections encountered by experts when selling project management software should be created. This is where all the information you need will come from, so make sure it is a well-constructed and easy-to-interpret form.

Phase 4: Consultation Rounds:

Send the questionnaire to the specialists and collect the responses. Store this data securely, remember accuracy and transparency in research, without a key.

Apply the Delphi Method in your sales | Keybe

Phase 5: Results Analysis:

After obtaining the responses, analyze them to quantitatively or qualitatively identify the results you obtained from the specialists.

Phase 6: Interpretation and Decision Making:

The company managed to identify the objections and decided that one of its strategies will be to create educational content that addresses the objections of potential customers, adjust the price of the software, and offer a free trial…

After this example and to conclude, the Delphi method is a powerful tool for obtaining information and knowledge from specialists that allow your company to make more informed decisions and increase your chances of success. Use it and conquer your customers.

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