This is the era of #ChatFirst. It is the era of Smart Chat - Keybe KB:

This is the era of #ChatFirst. It is the era of Smart Chat - Keybe KB:

There are over

3 million brands

that only sell on Instagram.


of people who buy online
prefer to do so via


of people prefer to chat instead of making a call.

Despite most brands having digital stores, they still lack an extraordinary user experience, causing a loss of purchase intention..

So, if your company wants to grow its digital sales, it must sell through chat.
If it wants to sell exponentially, it must sell through intelligent chat
with KB's Smart Chat:

And if you're still not convinced of being in the era of


and don't know why your business should be part of it, we show you here with real facts.

The pre-heart attack
I get when someone calls
me instead of messaging
me on chat, because it's
probably an emergency
or a favor for sure.
From @sparks_wonder94
This is the era of #ChatFirst. It is the era of Smart Chat - Keybe KB:
Write to me on
WhatsApp, send me
a text, send me a
smoke signal,
it's surely an
emergency or a
From: @warisjl
I am collecting
for responding to
WhatsApp to be
a remunerable
work task.
From: @Sarabetancurc

Today the world prefers
to buy and talk through
chat... it prefers



Do you want to know more about how Keybe works?


Step 1 Create Your Account

  • At the top of our website you will find the “Register” option.
  • Enter your registration information: remember that your brand registration name will be the name you see in Keybe.
  • <!--
  • En caso de presentar dudas te enseñamos en este corto vídeo como crear tu cuenta.
  • -->


Step 2 Invite your teams

  • Go to the side menu > Settings > Users > Add team members and select the tasks that this person will perform within Keybe.
  • Remember to have the full name, phone and email of the people you want to invite.

Puedes consultar este vídeo para más detalles



Step 3 Start selling better
with Smart Chat

  • All relationships start with a conversation. With Keybe, your company will have smarter Chats. Now your sales teams will respond to social media, websites, and WhatsApp Business from one tab, storing and understanding each interaction to train your company's digital brain.
  • With Real-Time Sentiment Analysis, Answer Suggestions, Action Suggestions, and other functions, you will optimize the productivity of your conversations while preserving the human empathy to provide an extraordinary service to your customers.


Step 4 Automate
Business Moments

  • Actions such as sending birthday messages, appointment reminders, purchase confirmations, or agenda modifications are relevant Moments for your business, but they should not require the time of your teams. With KB: you focus people's time on creative, value-adding tasks and delegate these jobs to Artificial Intelligence. Achieving a permanent communication with your customers and informing every important Moment of your business.


Step 5 Feed your company's
CRM and CDP with information

  • In the era of information, every data counts. Did you know that your sales teams spend almost 40% of the monthly time manually creating contact and updating data? With KB: lead nurturing will be one less headache, achieving each interaction with your customers to feed the databases of your company. Personalize the relevant information for your teams with Statuses and Additional Information Fields.


Step 6 Manage Sales
and Improvement Opportunities

  • And if it comes to selling, we feel pretty good in KB:. Sales opportunities or customer service tickets are now created with one click and without leaving the Chat. Intelligently, with Action Suggestions, Smart Chat identifies those words that express a purchase intention or help to create them in your company's sales or support funnels to give them the proper follow-up and improve customer satisfaction and closing percentages. Configure your company's funnels to your specifications and take your team's sales to the next level with Artificial Intelligence.


Step 7 Ask for help when you need it

  • Remember that you can contact our Assistance team at any time to take your business to the next level.


Keybe KB: Novedades

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