Why isn’t your dealership selling cars?

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By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

Why are dealerships losing sales? Let’s start with some data to lay the groundwork for this article.

Only 20% of customers who visit a dealership ultimately purchase a vehicle. This translates to an average loss of USD $25,000 for every sale that doesn’t materialize. Quite a bit, isn’t it?

What happens with them is that 80% of customers who don’t buy at a dealership may want to do so online, already knowing their ideal car. However, when they want to do so, they encounter a deficient digital sales process.

If you have one of these problems, you also have a deficient digital sales process.

1. If your customers feel pressured, uncomfortable, and disoriented during the purchase process, they won’t buy. In Latin America, 39% of people research more before making their purchases. If they can’t find the answers they need, they simply won’t proceed.

Why Are Car Dealerships Losing Sales? | Keybe

2. If you don’t have car models with competitive prices, sales will go to your competition. Customers can find many offers online and compare them with what you offer. Be sure they’ll go with the one that offers the best price-quality ratio.

3. Take care of your customer service. If your customers experience impersonal, unprofessional, or even hostile treatment from your sales team, which can be common in chat sales, they won’t buy from you.

4. If people don’t have access to clear information about prices, vehicle features, or easily accessible financing options, they won’t buy from you.

5. Your company has a long, tedious, and frustrating purchasing process for customers. Slowness and difficulty are two words that digital customers don’t want to encounter in their experiences.

So, what can be done to increase car sales?

1. Implement a customer experience strategy. Focus on creating a pleasant environment, offering personalized service, and providing clear and precise information, even in digital sales. Buying through chat is no longer just a trend, it’s a reality, and clear strategies are needed to execute this modality in the best way.

2. Offer fair and transparent prices. The market is highly competitive, and customers have many options to choose from. The best thing you can do is review your numbers and see based on them what other benefits you could offer.

3. Train people in customer-facing roles in customer service. Providing friendly, professional, and customer-oriented treatment is crucial in decision-making today. Above all, your salespeople must learn to read and interact with people through digital channels.

4. Offer online purchase options. Let customers research, compare prices, and buy your vehicles online. Providing necessary information, the assistance they require, and an intuitive process is your company’s responsibility.

5. Streamline the purchasing process. Reducing time and bureaucracy in purchasing a vehicle is a challenge but also a necessity. Leverage technological tools to make it simpler.

Why Are Car Dealerships Losing Sales? | Keybe

6. Use AI to your advantage. Today, you have access to a bunch of free and paid tools that assist with everything you’ve read above. From our side, we recommend hiring Biky Montes, the assistant that will revolutionize your commercial processes. Get to know her here.

As a final piece of advice, remember that the customer is the center of the business. Dealerships that focus on meeting their needs will be the ones to thrive in the current and future automotive market.

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¿Te gustaría seguir recibiendo artículos como este?

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