Will Artificial Intelligence Replace People in Their Jobs?

By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

We know this is a recurring and worrying question for many people, but we’re here to provide reassurance.

While in recent years, we’ve seen Artificial Intelligence being used to perform tasks previously done by humans, such as autonomous driving, customer service, or financial report generation, the short answer is no.

AI is a powerful technology but has its limitations. For instance, it can’t match the creativity, empathy, and common sense that humans possess. While it excels at repetitive tasks and data analysis, it falls short when it comes to critical thinking or solving unexpected problems.

Impact of AI on the Job Market - Key Insights - Keybe KB:

So, will it replace us, yes or no?

It’s unlikely. Instead, it will replace certain repetitive functions that require little creativity. For example, it can greet your customers when they contact you, but the actual selling will be done by a person.

What impact does this have on the job market?

Yes, it will create new jobs that don’t exist today and transform many traditional ones. It will also require people to adapt to it.

Impact of AI on the Job Market - Key Insights - Keybe KB:

What can we do to prepare?

  1. Develop new skills. For example, workers with communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, coupled with knowledge of AI tools, will be more valuable in the future.
  2. Be flexible. The job market is changing, so it’s essential to be flexible and willing to learn.
  3. Be open to new opportunities and explore new career options.

In conclusion, we recommend embracing this new revolution without prejudice. Instead, see it as an opportunity to learn new things, save operational time, and expand your creativity and innovation.

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