When is a landing page better than a website?

By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

As businesses grow, the people leading the expansion process start to notice the need for a more “formal” presence on the web, beyond their social media.

It is then that they decide to make a website. However, they also understand in this process that it is a significant investment. Then, in the search for alternatives, they come across the term “landing page”, perhaps unaware if it is what they need.

Today, we want to give you the information you need to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Landing Page vs Website: Which one to choose? - Keybe KB:

Let’s start with the definitions. A landing page is also a web page designed, but its goal, as its English name suggests, is to be a “landing page” for people interested in your product or service, to obtain their data and move them to a potential customer.

In short: it is a tool that converts visitors into leads. Another very important feature is that this resource focuses on the sale of a very specific product or service, not the entire catalog.

On the other hand, a website is a site that provides information about a company, its products or services. It is much larger, general, has a navigation map, menu, and different sections.

So, in those terms, when is it better to use a landing page?

When you want to:

  • Achieve a specific goal such as selling a product, generating leads, or generating registrations.
  • Improve the conversion rate of your sales by focusing on a single goal and using a design and content focused on this conversion.
  • Track the performance of marketing campaigns.
  • If you are starting out and only have one product or service.
  • If you want to increase your database.

When is it better to use a website?

Landing Page vs Website: Which one to choose? - Keybe KB:

When you expect:

  • To have a formal digital presence that reflects the professionalism of your brand
  • When you want to tell the story, values, vision of your brand, and allow them to get to know you better.
  • When you have an extensive catalog and want everyone to have access to it.
  • When you need to host multiple landing pages, because you have multiple strategies in motion.
  • When you generate valuable content to position yourself and have a blog section.
  • Conclusion

Using a landing page is effective when it has a single goal, especially for sales, and the website responds to multiple goals, both for sales, marketing, and communication.

Although if you ask us, if your company already has the necessary resources, it is always better to have a website that is updated, intuitive, and responsive where you can host your landing pages. But, if for some reason you are not at this point yet, a landing page can be a good growth tactic.

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