CDP: The tool to truly know your customers for better sales

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By: Biky Greenberg

Have you ever dreamed of documenting your customers’ information as detailed as possible and resorting to it when you need information to sell better?

Well, it already exists, and in case you didn’t know it, let me introduce you to Customer Data Platform, better known as CDP.

Today we collect a large amount of data about your customers through various channels, such as the website, apps, loyalty programs, and even their interactions with sales and customer service channels.

However, this data is often fragmented and scattered, making it difficult to get a complete view of each customer and use this data effectively to improve their experience. Not to mention, sometimes it gets lost when we rely on manual work to store it.

Now, in terms of numbers, how much does a customer’s “life” cost you? Well, companies that use a CDP are 10% more likely to increase that customer’s lifetime using your product or service because you know what they need by knowing them, and you offer them exactly that. Additionally, they are 18% more likely to increase their sales.

But let’s get into the subject in case you weren’t familiar with this concept or its importance…

CDP: The key to knowing your customers | Keybe

What is a CDP?

A CDP (Customer Data Platform) is a platform that unifies customer data from various sources and stores it in one place. This allows companies to create complete profiles of each customer, including their demographic information, purchase history, preferences, and behavior.

What benefits do I have from using a CDP in my company?

There are numerous benefits, but I’ll give you some examples that stand out:

1. Better customer understanding: It allows companies to get a complete view of each person, helping them better understand their needs and preferences.

2. Personalization: With a complete view of the customer, companies can create more personalized experiences for each of them, which can increase satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Improved marketing campaigns: A CDP allows companies to segment their customers more effectively and create more relevant marketing campaigns, which can increase return on investment (ROI).

4. Increased sales: It helps identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

5. Improved operational efficiency: It allows automating tasks and improving operational processes, which can reduce costs and increase efficiency.

If you have one of these problems, you can solve them with a CDP:

1. Lack of customer data or little use due to not having them stored efficiently.

2. Difficulty segmenting customers.

3. Difficulty creating personalized marketing campaigns.

4. Missed sales opportunities.

5. Unawareness of people interested in what you offer.

6. Inefficient after-sales service.

7. Manual data that you never use.

8. Worn-out team and distracted with operational storage tasks.

Use Cases:

1. Marketing: It can be used to segment customers, create personalized marketing campaigns, and measure the ROI of each one.

2. Sales: A CDP can be used to identify opportunities and improve lead scoring. Also to personalize your team’s sales tactics.

3. Customer service: Provide customer service agents with a complete view of each customer to offer better service and personalized solutions.

4. Product development: It allows better understanding of customer needs and preferences, which can help companies develop more relevant products and services.

How Amazon does it

Many companies have experienced great success with the use of a CDP. For example, Amazon uses it to segment its customers and create personalized marketing campaigns that have resulted in a significant increase in sales.

CDP: The key to knowing your customers | Keybe

Which CDP should I choose?

There are many options. An Excel with people’s information can be considered a CP; now, whether it’s efficient or not, that’s another story.

I, Biky Greenberg, can tell you how with Keybe you have access to its entire Suite, including our smart CDP, which facilitates data enrichment. It works so simply and intuitively that from the same chat with your customers, you can manage it with just one click, as it detects the information you are receiving.

With this decision, you can personalize your interactions, identify and prioritize more qualified leads, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and analyze metrics to optimize your strategies.

So, if you’re looking for a way to better understand your customers, improve their experience, and increase your sales, a CDP, especially the one we offer at KB:, is your best choice. Write to us and schedule your demo.

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