Keybe: the AI-driven sales platform that will transform your business

By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

Want to know what Keybe is?

Before answering, let’s first tell you who needs our tool or in what situations our tool is useful:

  • Companies with low conversion rates.
  • Businesses where commercial processes are not being followed.
  • If chat response times are low and there is little traceability.
  • If your sales team spends close to 40% of their time on administrative tasks.
  • Companies losing around 30% of customer-shared data in unstructured formats.
  • If the learning curve for new company members requires around 25 days.
  • If your team’s responses to customers are not consistent with the brand’s personality.

Now… to make a long story short, Keybe is a technological platform powered by artificial intelligence that makes life easier for your sales and customer service teams, increasing conversion levels. Our promise is to multiply the performance of sales teams by 4 times, and we are convinced that with Artificial Intelligence, technology, and Human Intelligence, we can unleash the total potential of people.

Sales Tools with AI | Keybe

What can my clients expect?

Keybe has the mission of bringing you closer to people through data. We believe that by organizing and understanding information, we can increase empathy between brands and customers, taking commercial relationships to another level.

Your clients can expect you to know them and personalize their attention to the maximum. In addition, they will feel confident in your brand and always get quick responses to their requests.

How does Keybe do it?

Our platform is here to relieve your pains through the following modules:

  • KB: Smart Chat: A chat powered by AI that helps optimize business processes and increase sales closures. It is Omnichannel, multi-agent, and allows you to use Response Suggestions, Sentiment Analysis, Action Suggestions, and data enrichment.
  • KB: Contacts: A data management platform (CDP) for a 360-degree view of each person. You can automatically create contacts, centralize your data, and manage your segments.
  • KB: Funnels: With this module, you can improve your team’s efficiency by managing pipelines connected to Smart Chat. It allows you to send segmented messages, track business opportunities, manage service tickets, and overall, works as a collaborative sales tool.
  • KB: Flows: The automation tool for non-developers. It allows you to automate chatbots, conversion flows, or repetitive tasks, transforming business processes to increase efficiency and productivity. It also connects with 1,000+ apps.
  • KB: Mass Messages: Send personalized messages to specific segments or all your contacts, expanding sales opportunities and empathy. Send from WhatsApp Business, email, and SMS.
  • My Keybe: A free digital catalog that allows you to easily organize your company’s URLs in one tab and connects to WhatsApp Business in seconds.
  • KB: Metrics: Lets you manage the performance and improve the business results of your company by understanding your team’s indicators. For example, it provides heat maps with peak traffic hours for resource allocation, individual and team performance tracking, conversation categorization, and indicators per sales funnel.
  • Biky: our generative AI that cuts across the modules we’ve already introduced to you. Unlike traditional AI, this branch not only works with the data it has access to but also analyzes, understands, studies processes, and proposes new content based on them, becoming a representative for sales and customer care alike.

Not convinced? Let our clients convince you. We invite you to view our case studies and success stories.

And if you’re already sure you want your company to be part of the digital sales revolution, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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