Why is selling with KB: Smart Chat a necessity?

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By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

In a world where instant communication reigns, companies that do not adapt to the fast pace of interaction with customers lag behind.

In this scenario, selling via chat has become the new way to have conversations that drive sales, growth, and profitability.

Don’t you think so? Let’s talk numbers. 81% of consumers prefer to use instant messaging channels to interact with companies, and companies that implement chat sales increase their sales by 14%.

And if selling via Chat is like this, imagine selling with Smart Chat, Keybe’s intelligent chat that automates, analyzes sentiments, suggests responses, and can have your own sales assistant, all powered by artificial intelligence.

Selling with Smart Chat is essential for your business | Keybe

More than a trend, selling through Smart Chat becomes a necessity.

Forget traditional sales methods and traditional chats. Today’s customers demand a seamless, personalized, and immediate experience, and Smart Chat offers everything in one tool.

Imagine being able to start a conversation with a potential customer the moment they show interest in your product or service, answer their questions in real time, and guide them towards a purchase naturally and effortlessly.

In addition to this, gain valuable information while your CRM fills with a click, and artificial intelligence analyzes their feelings to suggest responses that increase the likelihood of purchase.

Advantages of selling through KB: Smart Chat

Reduces wait time and increases customer satisfaction.

You have your own suggested responses to ask the right questions and give the right answers at the right time.

Automates tasks and frees up your team to focus on more complex sales.

Attend to multiple clients simultaneously without sacrificing service quality.

Store valuable information about your customers’ preferences and improve your sales strategy.

Analyze customer sentiments to sell more empathetically.

Digitally transform your sales with AI at the core.

Why is almost any company not selling with KB: Smart Chat losing money?

Because they fall behind the competition. We assure you that they are already working on how to offer a more agile and personalized experience.

You lose sales opportunities. Customers who do not get a quick response or do not find the information they are looking for on your website or application simply go to the competition, which does have direct interaction channels, but which may not be as effective. That’s where using Smart Chat would give you the advantage.

Selling with Smart Chat is essential for your business | Keybe

The traditional buying experience can be impersonal and frustrating, making customer loyalty difficult.

And to conclude this idea, let us give you an example. A company called A uses Smart Chat and additionally hired Biky Montes, the sales assistant who helps you sell to more qualified leads. With this, they achieved a 30% increase in chat conversions.

But if you still don’t want to get tangled up in so many possibilities, let us give you the example of company B, which simply started using Smart Chat at its most basic level. 80% of its customers were satisfied and more likely to buy again.

Are you and your company ready to join the most powerful conversation to increase sales through digital channels?

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