What we don’t see about sales

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By: Keybe AI

Have you ever wondered what a salesperson really does? Beyond closing deals, there’s a world of actions and strategies that sales teams undertake to provide an excellent experience and achieve results.

We take you behind the scenes to uncover the secrets that make sellers true masters of their craft.

They investigate like the FBI:

Before approaching a potential client, salespeople conduct thorough research. They extensively study the company or person they will be dealing with. They analyze their history, needs, competitors, and any other relevant information.

This research allows them to personalize their approach and offer specific solutions that truly captivate you. It’s like having an ace up their sleeve that will surprise you. They are “stalkers,” but in a good way, as they obsess over your pain points and provide relief.

They listen to you like lifelong friends:

A great salesperson is a great listener. It’s not just about speaking and persuading, but about listening attentively. They spend 70% of their time in front of a customer not talking, which is why they practice active listening and genuine empathy.

They want to understand your needs, concerns, and desires. Only then can they offer relevant and personalized solutions. Get ready to feel truly understood and valued.

What We Don't Know About Sales - Keybe KB:

They adapt like a chameleon:

Every person is unique, and salespeople know this very well. Their ability to adapt to different personalities and communication styles is astonishing. They know how to adjust their approach, tone, and language to authentically connect with you.

There’s no predetermined script; instead, there’s an innate skill to be chameleon-like and provide you with a unique and personal experience.

They master the art of following the invisible thread:

Their magic lies in their ability to follow the invisible thread of your needs. They detect nonverbal signals, grasp your unexpressed expectations, and offer exactly what you need before you even ask for it.

Now that you know the secrets of salespeople, we hope you appreciate their work more when they provide you with assistance.

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¿Te gustaría seguir recibiendo artículos como este?

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