What basic data should a sales database have?

By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

If you have a business or work in sales but aren’t keeping a record of your customers, this is the sign you need to start building your database.

Obtaining data from people for selling is essential to improve sales efficiency, boost sales, and enhance customer satisfaction. Some of the benefits of having sales databases include better efficiency, increased sales, improved tracking, and better segmentation.

How to Build an Effective Database for Selling - Keybe KB:

The basic data you should have in your customer databases are:

  • Personal data: name, last name, date of birth, address, phone number, email.
  • Professional contact data: company name, company address, company phone number, company email.
  • Billing data: account number and due date.
  • Purchase history data: purchased products or services, purchase dates, and purchase prices.
  • Preference data: preferred products or services, interests, favorite color, or hobbies.

These are the basics for most companies and organizations, and they are used for purposes such as person identification, marketing strategies, or tracking and loyalty tactics.

However, if you want to go further in your strategic plans and get to know people in-depth, you can also collect other data such as:

  • Demographic data: age, gender, location, social stratum.
  • Behavioral data: browsing history, search history.
  • Preference data: marketing and product preferences.
How to Build an Effective Database for Selling - Keybe KB:

With this, you obtain more detailed information about customers and their behaviors, enhancing their shopping experience.

In conclusion, we emphasize the importance of knowing and keeping a record of your leads and customers, and this is just a basic guide; the data you ultimately collect depends on your company’s specific needs, but the most important thing is that they are useful and relevant.

Also, always remember to have the authorization for data usage from each person to avoid legal issues.

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