Social Commerce: How to Sell on Social Media in 2024

By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

Social media has evolved beyond being just a place to post photos; it has transcended to become the virtual space we use to connect with friends and family, share information, and increasingly, to buy and sell products and services.

In the context of this evolution, the term ‘social commerce’ emerges, referring to the sale of products and services through these platforms. This trend is growing rapidly, and the global value of social commerce is expected to reach $628 billion by 2024.

Sell with Social Commerce | Keybe

So let’s get to the important part: How to sell on social media this year?

A study by Hootsuite found that 62% of online shoppers use social media to research products before purchasing. There are many ways to sell on social media, but some of the trends you should pay attention to include:

  • Advertising: It is one of the most effective ways to reach a broad audience as social media platforms benefit from it and want you to achieve results. Companies can create personalized ads shown to people who are more likely to be interested in their products or services. Each platform now has its own artificial intelligence that increasingly aids in the process.
  • UGC Content Creators: Macro influencers have a large audience on social media, but the cost-benefit may not be as attractive. This year, we recommend managing your campaigns with micro-influencers and UGC content creators, which have lower costs and more specific niches.
  • Shopify: This e-commerce platform allows businesses to create online stores on various social media platforms. It is an ideal option for companies that want to sell their products directly to their communities.
  • Keybe: You can connect your Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp to our application, evolving your business processes with Deep Learning and increasing the conversion rate of your chats.
Sell with Social Commerce | Keybe

Content is key to success in social commerce. Some of the content trends for social commerce in 2024 include:

  • Video: TikTok and Instagram Reels continue to increase their reach, but ‘value’ content is no longer as relevant. We recommend refining videos with storytelling.
  • Live streaming: With platforms like Twitch, it’s easier to connect with people in real-time. Use live streams to showcase your products or services, answer questions, or conduct demonstrations.
  • Interactive content: Instagram stories have seen a decline in reach, but quizzes, games, and polls are a way to engage the audience and increase participation.

Social commerce is a rapidly growing trend. Oberlo found that 73% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company with an active presence on social media. Therefore, if you want to excel in your sales this year, refer to this article as many times as you need.

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