Remote Work: How to Convey Trust and Authenticity Within My Company from a Distance

By: Daniel Jokka

While remote work emerged as a necessity during the 2020 pandemic to keep our productive, economic, and social processes from halting, its story did not end there.

Just a quick Google search for data on this work trend reveals interesting facts. For instance, 73% of teams are expected to have remote workers in their companies by 2028.

Although this work arrangement brings benefits like increased productivity and satisfaction for those who adapt to it, there are also individuals who resist finding ways to connect and build a team.

Remote Work: Learn to Build Trust | Keybe

But what if I told you there’s a genuinely simple action you can take to convey trust, personality, closeness, and authenticity to your colleagues and leaders, even with physical barriers?

I’ll tell you, even if it’s just the beginning of many other actions you can implement to achieve this goal. The answer is: Use a real photo in the systems you use for your remote work.

Here are the reasons why you should start implementing this advice:

  1. Conveys Authenticity and Trust: A real photo helps establish these feelings among colleagues in an environment where face-to-face interactions are limited, humanizing communication and making it more personal.
  2. Facilitates Recognition Among Team Members: Especially in large organizations, seeing a person’s face can improve memory and personal connection, crucial for building working relationships.
  3. Professionalism: This action reflects a serious and committed approach to work. This can be particularly important not only among colleagues but also in relationships with clients or external parties.
  4. Non-verbal Communication: Appearance and attitude perceived in a photograph can say a lot about individuals.
  5. Inclusion and Diversity: In inclusive work environments, showing who you are can be a step towards adapting to and celebrating diversity in the workplace.
Remote Work: Learn to Build Trust | Keybe

Tips for Achieving a Quality Photo:

  1. Choose a neutral background, such as whites, grays, or blacks. You can also use landscapes as long as it is well thought out and conveys something.
  2. Dress professionally while maintaining your essence.
  3. Smile as naturally as possible.
  4. Ensure it is taken with a quality camera and in a well-lit location.
  5. Look directly at the camera to convey confidence.

While this article aims to share a valuable perspective identified over the 4 years of Keybe (100% remote from day one), it’s essential to respect the privacy and personal preferences of each individual regarding their image in the workplace.

Feel free to express your authenticity without compromising your professionalism.

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