Moment automation: the secret to empowering your sales teams

By: Keybe AI

Automating moments in the processes of a sales team has a significant impact on the team’s efficiency and performance, and therefore on their goals. By freeing salespeople from manual and repetitive tasks (they can spend up to 45% of their time on administrative tasks and creating contacts in the CRM and CDP), they are able to focus on higher value-added activities such as generating leads, building customer relationships, or strategic thinking.

In addition, automating moments can also help improve accuracy and consistency in tracking and recording information, which in turn can lead to more informed decision-making and greater effectiveness in executing sales strategies.

Keybe KB Moment automation: the secret to empowering your sales teams

Another advantage of automation is the reduction of human errors, which can have a positive impact on customer service quality and the company’s reputation.

To implement moment automation in a sales team, it is important to have a clear vision of the team’s goals and how automation can help achieve those goals. It is also important to involve salespeople in the implementation process and ensure that they have the necessary training and support to effectively use automated tools.

At Keybe, we make it easy to automate your business. With Moments, you can easily integrate with hundreds of apps to automate a wide range of business processes and repetitive tasks, from setting up automatic responses and building conversational chatbots to creating social media scheduling and more. You will also optimize your workflow and easily integrate with platforms like Shopify, Vtex, Woocommerce, Salesforce, Hubspot, RD Station, and more. Sign up and get started in just a few minutes.

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