How to revive a dead customer 🧟‍♂️

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By: Juan Diego Santana

First, we’re not going to take “reviving the dead” too literally 😒, so if your business is a funeral home or a wake service, don’t worry; you can keep reading 😬.

Second, it’s essential to remember the importance of keeping your database up-to-date and treating it well. You can’t imagine how painful and sad it can be when a brand sends you messages celebrating a birthday, a special date, or a clinical reminder for someone who’s no longer with us. Yes, it happens more often than you think, and although it’s not the brand’s fault, it can create bad experiences that drive customers away. Brands related to pets and insurance, in particular, are sensitive to this issue. But how to address this will be discussed in a future article.

Which brings us to the headline “HOW TO REVIVE A DEAD CUSTOMER 🧟‍♂️.” It’s all about the upcoming season in October, where many countries in our region celebrate Halloween, and in Mexico, we have the Day of the Dead, a special date to honor the memory of those who were part of our lives.

Revive Customers on Halloween and the Day of the Dead - Keybe KB:

In this context, we’ve been thinking that Halloween, beyond being a commercial date where brands dress up thematically for a month or a couple of weeks, and where the events, candy, and costume industries may profit the most, should also be a time to honor those customers who were, at some point during the year or in the history of our brands, our customers. After all, we were part of their lives for one or more moments, so it’s not a bad idea to thank them for giving us the chance to know them and, why not, invite them to return.

That’s why we’ll refer to a “Dead Customer” as any customer who stopped interacting with our brand since the middle of the year or who is not a frequent customer according to the nature of each business. And we’ll call “Revive” the actions we implement as brands to make customers who are no longer showing signs of commercial vitality reconnect and become part of the lifeblood of our businesses. In other words, resurrecting them as buyers.

At this point, it’s crucial to have all our customers well-segmented, enabling us to search for the current status of each one and identify our “zombies.”

Once we have the moratorium list defined, we’ll proceed to create a campaign with a massive, personalized message that’s so powerful and full of life that it leaves no option for the recipients but to return from the cold past to the warm present of your brand.

Revive Customers on Halloween and the Day of the Dead - Keybe KB:

Try a “ZOMBIE REVIVAL PROMO.” Remember that the season is on your side, and a good discount or a bonus with your products will likely reconnect people.

Also, remember that a customer you revive during this season is a potential customer for the year-end promotions, such as Black Friday and Christmas bonuses.

So, think and repeat: the “dead customers” you have in your CDP or CRM today are the same customers who can bring your brand to life by the end of the year.

Put these tips into practice and bring the dead back to life!

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¿Te gustaría seguir recibiendo artículos como este?

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