How can I convey trust in my chat sales?

By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

If you sell through chat, one of the biggest challenges you likely face is conveying reliability to people because, in these cases, they cannot use tone of voice or gestures to provide the required reassurance in a commercial transaction.

But don’t worry, acquiring this skill is an ongoing process until you master it. We offer these tips as a starting point:

1. Be transparent and honest

Always speak about your product or service with honesty and never avoid difficult questions or try to respond evasively. People can tolerate mistakes or issues, but not lies.

Tips for Building Trust in Chat Sales - Keybe KB:

2. Be professional

We know it sounds obvious, but maintaining a professional and respectful image, even through written channels, is not that easy. Use appropriate language and avoid making comments that might offend your customers, and above all, mind your spelling and writing. You can also use emojis, but without going to the extreme of making the customer feel not taken seriously.

3. Respond promptly

Customers expect a quick response to their inquiries. Reply to messages within 24 hours, if possible. You can use tools like pre-set responses found in WhatsApp Business or in direct messages on Instagram and Facebook, as well as frequently asked questions.

4. Always speak in a simple and understandable manner

Explain your product or service clearly and concisely, so that customers can easily understand it, and don’t confuse them with technical language.

5. Create a personalized experience

Make customers feel special. Know their name, their interests, their needs, and issues, and steer the conversation towards addressing the problem they seek to solve with your product or service.

6. Offer guarantees

Buying without a guarantee is a sure red flag for mistrust. Offer specific situations in which they can have a money-back or warranty exchange.

Tips for Building Trust in Chat Sales - Keybe KB:

7. Provide after-sales support

Although this advice applies after a person makes a purchase, it’s important to follow through because trust is earned continuously, not just once. Make your customers feel like they can contact you if they have any issues, or simply consider them for loyalty strategies like special offers or birthday greetings.

Additional tips:

  • Ensure your profile picture is professional and of good quality.
  • Always write a personalized greeting.
  • Use clear but friendly language.
  • Avoid using abbreviations.
  • Respond to questions as comprehensively and detailed as possible.
  • Make sure your payment methods are secure.

Buying through chat has become one of the most popular forms of online shopping because, unlike purchasing from a website, people have the opportunity to interact with a sales representative who can answer their questions and sympathize with their problems.

Finally, remember that there are technological tools to assist you with these tasks while you focus on selling, such as Keybe. Use it and be part of the generation of digital salespeople. 

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