Does your company tell memorable stories?

By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

The competition among companies today is fierce. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out in the market and dominate the industry you’re a part of. However, we have a secret used by brands like Coca Cola or Nike.

We’re talking about the magic of telling stories that connect, generate interest, engagement, and loyalty with people, known as ‘Storytelling.’

Why is it important for my company to master the art of storytelling?

There are many reasons why storytelling is important, but here are the ones that will most likely convince you to start using it:

  1. Helps companies connect with their target audience: Stories are a powerful way to connect with people on an emotional level. When a company tells a story that resonates with its target audience, they are more likely to connect with it and its products or services.
  1. Generates interest and engagement: Storytelling is a fun and engaging way to communicate information. When a company tells a story, people are more likely to be interested in what it has to say and engage with its content.
  1. Builds loyalty: Stories create a relationship with customers, making it more likely for them to become loyal.
Learn to sell with Storytelling | Keybe

How to tell effective stories?

First, you need to know that a simple, well-told story can be a total success, but an incredible story poorly told can have the opposite effect. Telling stories is not easy; it’s a skill that develops over time and is constantly changing. However, here are some tips to get started:

  1. Focus on your target audience because the story should be directed at their interests, feelings, and desires.
  1. Find your own voice. Authenticity is the most effective way to generate a sense of identification with others. The more transparent you are, the more you’ll be heard.
  1. Find how to say a lot with a little. Remember that people are paying attention to many things at once and are constantly consuming content. You only have seconds to grab their attention.
  1. Support your stories with images and videos to make them more memorable and unique.
Learn to sell with Storytelling | Keybe

Where in my company can I use storytelling?

You can tell stories in internal communication to reinforce your organizational culture. Also, in product launches, on your social media, in sales speeches, and even in the overall narrative of your company.

Make it a goal to use this strategy of connection and positioning so that your company is present in people’s minds.

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