Chats are reigning and sweeping away forms for information gathering

By: Keybe AI

Did you know that chats have changed the game in the world of marketing and sales? And information collection is no exception, that’s why it’s time to forget about traditional forms.

Chats are the new key to obtaining valuable information about your customers. Let us tell you the reason why.

Real-time human connection

Information collection through chats provides a closer and more human experience for your buyers. No more cold and static interactions.

With chats, your customers will feel like they are chatting with a friend. Goodbye to impersonality! This closer connection makes your customers feel comfortable and willing to share valuable information with your company.

Hello, introverts

We know that there are people who love to shop online precisely because they don’t want to interact with other human beings, and that’s okay.

Chats are perfect for them. They can get all the information and ask questions without having to talk face-to-face with anyone. By replacing forms with chats, you provide these customers with a more comfortable way to communicate with your company, and in the process, you obtain valuable data about them.

Chats: the best source of customer information - Keybe KB:


Forms are a thing of the past. Chats are much more exciting and engaging. With visual elements, response options, and clever automated replies, chats keep your users hooked and wanting more.

This not only makes it easier to gather information about your customers but also improves their overall experience.

Flexibility and personalization

With chats, you have the freedom to adapt to your customers in real-time and offer instant personalized options. This means you obtain more detailed and relevant data about your customers, giving you a more complete understanding of their needs and preferences.

Increase your conversions

Collecting information through chat is the key to increasing your conversions because it eliminates barriers and simplifies communication with your customers, in addition to providing instant assistance and resolving doubts on the spot. That makes the difference between a potential customer leaving and one making a purchase.

With Keybe, for example, your conversion rate reaches 30%, and you don’t just have a Chat, you have a Smart Chat. All the information you collect is stored in your company’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) with just one click.

They offer a human connection online, break the monotony, adapt to your customers, increase your conversions, and above all, make your customers feel valued and attended to.

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