10 Ways to Prevent Your Emails from Ending Up in People’s SPAM Folders

By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

Imagine spending hours researching, studying, brainstorming, and crafting an email marketing strategy—only to find out that your emails end up in the SPAM folder!

No one, neither individuals nor businesses, wants to invest valuable resources in innovative ideas that will never yield results because no one gets to see them.

Prevent Your Emails from Being SPAM - Keybe KB:

We are entering the final stretch of sales in 2023; these last months of the year are intense and offer the greatest opportunity for goal achievement. That’s why we advise you, in addition to using your email to engage with your customers, to follow these 10 tips to ensure your emails are not marked as SPAM:

  1. Ensure your email uses your company’s domain or that of your email service provider to avoid being labeled as “unwanted.”
  2. Only send emails to individuals who have given their consent to receive them.
  3. Keep your contact list updated and clean by removing invalid or unused email addresses.
  4. Personalize your emails, either in the subject line or the body, to make them relevant.
  5. Avoid excessive use of capital letters, exclamation marks, and other special characters.
  6. Do not send too many emails to the same person in a short period; doing so may result in being marked as SPAM.
  7. Utilize an email marketing platform. For example, with Keybe, you can send communications not only via email but also through SMS and WhatsApp.
  8. Refrain from using words or phrases like “free,” “offer,” or “urgent.”
  9. Avoid overloading your emails with images, as this can slow down email loading times and lead to SPAM markings.
  10. Always include an unsubscribe link in your emails.
  11. Remember that with KB: Mass Messages, you can easily send emails to your segmented audience with just a few clicks, along with gaining metrics to assess the impact of each communication.

We wish you many successful sales. 😎

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