10 Reasons to Use Keybe in Your Sales

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By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

Have you noticed that in today’s world, you need an omnichannel technological tool with artificial intelligence to boost your sales?

So, at Keybe, we offer you 10 definitive reasons to stop your search and choose us as your allies in the commercial and customer service world.

1. We optimize 40% of your sales reps’ time

Keybe incorporates AI at its core, allowing different tools to assist your team in operational tasks without losing the human touch. This saves them 40% of their time, enabling them to focus on what really matters: selling.

2. Your conversion rate can reach up to 30%

Not just through tools for your sellers. We also provide a module for mass messaging to activate your databases, metrics to aid smart decision-making, and provide all the data you need, along with sales funnels that update according to your interactions via our KB: Smart Chat (which we’ll discuss shortly).

3. We increase your service capacity by 4 times

With Keybe, you can automate tasks, respond with a few clicks, and intelligently prioritize your chats. Therefore, one person from your team can attend to up to four people in the same time they would typically spend on one.

4. We integrate with over 1,500 applications

As Meta Business Partners, we connect with over 1,500 applications. This means we integrate with your e-commerce or CRM to streamline your company’s commercial processes, consolidating all information in one platform.

5. You’re not just selling with any chat, you’re selling with KB: Smart Chat

Through our AI-powered Smart Chat, you can fill your CDP with a few clicks without leaving the chat. It offers Response Suggestions for quick replies, Sentiment Analysis to understand your customers’ moods and prioritize chats, the ability to create sales opportunities from conversations, and numerous other functionalities.

6. We have a non-developer automation platform

We’ve developed KB: Flows to help you create and automate workflows that elevate your commercial team’s performance to the next level, without lengthy waits for development processes and in just a few steps.

10 Reasons to Choose Keybe as Your Sales Ally - Keybe

7. We provide both technology and methodology

We complement your salespeople with technology and can also assist with methodology. In an epic partnership with Juanma Gaviria, we offer a training scheme for salespeople to train them in chat sales.

We also have “Mystery Chat,” where we anonymously evaluate your sales process by assuming the role of a customer and provide you with an improvement plan.

8. KB: Systems for specific industries

Empathy is our forte, understanding that what works in your industry may not work for others. Hence, we offer sales systems tailored to different company types, such as our KB: Automotive System.

9. For every dollar a company invests in AI, they receive an average return of 3.5 times

Investing in artificial intelligence today is a necessity. We guarantee that your efforts will yield excellent results.

10. Our success stories speak for us, concerning the outcomes

With over 300 active clients and successful cases that back our work, we invite you to explore them.

Bonus: we innovate with Smart-O-Meter so you can choose how intelligent you want your chats to be.

Stop wasting your sales team’s valuable time, and cease missing out on sales opportunities.

Your company can be part of the new generation of digital sellers in just a few steps.

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