“Wow moments,” a secret weapon to drive more sales

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By: Gustavo Morean

Sales have become a “hostile world” when it comes to competing for people’s attention and standing out in a market where you can find what you’re looking for, one way or another. If they don’t buy from you, they’ll buy from someone else, so it’s no longer enough to offer a good product or service.

To stand out and convince people, you need to create a memorable experience that surprises and engages them. This is where the term “wow moment” comes into play.

Wow Moments: Sell and Loyally Delight More Customers | Keybe

What is a “wow moment”?

It’s about giving your potential customers an unexpected and memorable moment that generates positive emotions about what you’re selling. It can be a pleasant surprise, a special gesture, or a unique experience that exceeds expectations.

Why are “wow moments” important and why can they be the key to conversion?

The reason is that “wow moments” have a significant impact on customer purchasing decisions. People who experience a pleasant situation, unexpectedly, are 80% more likely to become satisfied buyers.

In addition, an American Express study found that they create a 50% higher likelihood that people will recommend your company to friends and family.

Wow Moments: Sell and Loyally Delight More Customers | Keybe

How can I create them?

You can follow these tips to have a starting point:

  1. Research your potential customer and their specific needs. Tailor your message and presentation to their interests and expectations.
  2. Tell a story to connect with customers’ emotions and show more clearly how you can solve their problem.
  3. Make it something unexpected. You can surprise with a gift, a special discount, or an additional service. A small detail can make a big difference.
  4. Although it may sound obvious, it’s important to treat your customer with respect, kindness, and attention.
  5. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when looking for new ways to surprise.
  6. Measure your attempts, and you’ll discover which strategies work better than others.

“Wow moments” don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. What matters is that they are sincere and convey your genuine interest in the customer.

Using this tool can help you increase your conversions and build customer loyalty. Don’t hesitate to start planning these moments, and you’ll soon see their effectiveness.

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¿Te gustaría seguir recibiendo artículos como este?

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