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By: Keybe AI

Keybe Smart Chat: the smarter and better way to sell to your customers

Sales chats are becoming increasingly popular among people. At Keybe, we understood this need and developed our Smart chat, a sales and communication channel that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide answers to questions and requests from users more efficiently and naturally, receive response suggestions based on the real-time situations of the best virtual agents, analyze the conversation to know if the person is satisfied, angry, or other emotions, and generate opportunities in our CRM without leaving the chat.

Your sales team could benefit from this smart chat in several ways:

  • Freeing up salespeople from manual and repetitive tasks like answering frequently asked questions or thinking about responses for a long time, which allows them to focus on higher-value added activities like generating leads and building relationships with customers.
  • Being able to serve a large number of customers at the same time and providing quick and accurate answers to their questions and requests.
  • Providing more efficient and faster customer service, which can improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Providing information and technical support 24/7.
  • Making full use of the CRM and collecting and analyzing large amounts of data on customer behavior and preferences, which can provide valuable information for sales decisions.
  • Providing a more personalized user experience tailored to individual customer needs and preferences.
  • Empowering your sales and support team in general.

Smart chats are increasingly present in the sales world and are expected to have a significant impact in the future.

Experience the next level of customer service with our omnichannel Smart Chat, powered by advanced sentiment analysis, intuitive response suggestions, and automatic data enrichment.

Connect with your customers with empathy through different channels and seamlessly integrate all people’s conversations and data into our CRM for easier data storage and management. Get started in just a few steps.

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