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The current consumer or customer is characterized by being increasingly demanding and knowledgeable. As access to information has become easier and more accessible, customers have developed a greater awareness of their rights and options, and expect high-quality service and a personalized shopping experience.

One of the main characteristics of people today is the constant search for the best deal and the best price. Customers are willing to research and compare prices before making a purchase decision, and it is important for companies to offer competitive prices and a wide range of pricing options.

Another important feature of the current consumer is the importance of convenience. Customers value the ease of access to information and products, and expect to be able to shop online, from anywhere and at any time. In addition, they also expect fast and reliable delivery.

Learn how to sell to the current customer Keybe KB:

The customer experience has also gained increasing importance in the purchase decision. Customers expect exceptional service and personalized attention, and are willing to pay a premium price for a satisfactory shopping experience.

Transparency and ethics are also important. Customers are increasingly aware of how products are produced and marketed, and expect companies to behave ethically and sustainably.

It is also important to provide a wide range of purchasing options, from online shopping and fast delivery to exceptional customer service in physical stores.

In summary, the current consumer is increasingly demanding and knowledgeable, and values convenience, customer experience, transparency, and ethics.

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