Keybe is a Meta Business Partner

By: Keybe AI

Part of our commitment to our clients, team, partners, investors, and other companies is to give the assurance that we are a strong and consistent company, acquiring the necessary endorsements to prove it. That’s why today we want to remind you that Keybe is a Meta Business Partner.

What does this mean?

Being a Meta Business Partner means that the Meta company investigated, verified, and approved us as a specialist and trusted company to enable the growth of other companies.

Thanks to our technical knowledge and services, today we are part of a global community of highly recognized and reliable companies accredited with a badge indicating that we are among the best in our field.

Keybe KB: is a Meta Business Partner

How did we become part of the program?

To become a Meta Business Partner, specifically in the messaging program, Meta reviewed the following items:

  1. The number of messages received by pages connected to the API.
  2. The number of API-connected pages that received an average of at least one message per day during any 28 consecutive day interval.
  3. The number of times active pages connected to the API were blocked, divided by the total number of messages received by active pages connected to the API and the number of messages that recipients blocked or ignored.
  4. The fact of having a verified business manager who complies with program policies.

Among other requirements, after analysis, Keybe was accredited as a stable and quality service for companies that choose to be in the Smart Chat era.

In addition, Keybe constantly accesses training, support, analysis reports, and other opportunities to continue supporting our reliability with actions.

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, it is time to take advantage of technology for our benefit, but always prioritizing empathy in our actions. That’s why we invite you to build together sales teams that are 40% more efficient.

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