In a rapidly changing world, make sure to adjust and update your business plan to respond to the market

By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

What happens when the market shifts direction and strategies are no longer effective? Although it may require ongoing effort, the business plan must be adjusted and updated to keep up with variability.

Although this process should not be taken lightly, as wrong decisions can have negative consequences, it is necessary in today’s world. To avoid mistakes, we suggest following some steps to ensure that adjustments are consistent with your business’s original goals and objectives.

The first step you should take is to evaluate the current market situation. Current changes and trends in the industry, such as new competitors, regulatory changes, fluctuations in consumer demand, among others, must be analyzed. This quantitative data and information must be gathered to make informed decisions when deciding what should change in your business plan.

As a second step, you must evaluate the business goals and objectives. Are they still relevant and achievable? Should they be adjusted or modified? These are important questions you can ask to ensure that the plan remains focused on your business’s main objectives.

Adjusting a Business Plan to the Market - Keybe

As a third step, based on the results of the market analysis and the review of goals and objectives, you must identify and prioritize the necessary changes in the business plan. These may include a modification in the target audience, pricing strategy, marketing strategy, business model, among others.

It is important that you and your team be selective regarding the changes and prioritize those that can truly make an impact.

After the above, as a fourth step, you must create the action plan. This should include a detailed schedule, necessary resources, and responsibilities of team members. Make sure it is realistic and achievable within the available resources, and even with a little less to be prepared to face a pessimistic outlook (which we hope is not your case).

Finally, after this process, it is important to communicate the changes to stakeholders, such as the work team, clients, investors, and other partners. Open and transparent communication will help ensure that everyone is thinking about the same objectives and can prepare accordingly.

To conclude this article, we want to remind you that this is a continuous process that can be challenging, but also essential to keep your business current. We cannot tell you exactly when you can do it, but what is true is that you must follow your instinct and stay informed about the national and international context.

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