From eCommerce to Commerce: The Evolution of Trade in the Digital Era

By: Gustavo Morean

The world of commerce has undergone a radical transformation. What we used to know as eCommerce has evolved into something much larger and more significant: Commerce. In this article, we explain, based on this new concept, why e-commerce is no longer an additional channel but a fundamental part of any successful business. We also explore how current trends and the omnichannel approach have shaped this revolutionary change.

The Emergence of Commerce: A Shift in Perspective

In recent years, we have witnessed a significant transition in the way people make purchases. What was once considered a purchasing channel is now the preferred method for a large number of consumers.

For this reason, it is vital to understand that eCommerce encompasses much more than just traditional online commerce, including channels such as chats and social media. This new perspective allows us to grasp the importance of adapting our businesses to this digital transformation. Otherwise, we may become non-competitive in the market compared to other companies that do adapt to this new model.

Commerce is Transforming Online Commerce - Keybe KB:

The Omnichannel Era: Driving Commerce Forward

A key factor in the evolution towards Commerce is the adoption of the omnichannel approach. Modern consumers expect a seamless and coherent experience regardless of the channel they use to make a purchase. From websites to social media and physical retail stores, all channels must integrate seamlessly to offer an exceptional shopping experience.

Omnichannel commerce has been crucial in breaking down barriers between the digital and physical worlds, enabling uninterrupted interaction with customers at any time and place.

The Importance of Data: Driving Commerce Success

In the new landscape, data has become a valuable asset. The collection, protection, and intelligent analysis of data can provide invaluable insights into people’s behavior and preferences. This allows for personalized recommendations, targeted promotions, and improved customer service.

Furthermore, it is crucial to ensure that websites are mobile-friendly since the majority of purchases are made through smartphones and tablets.

Offering a variety of payment methods also ensures that customers can choose the option that is most convenient for them.

To conclude the beginning of what will be a commercial revolution, Commerce is changing the way businesses relate to their customers. Understanding that e-commerce is no longer an additional channel but an essential part of business success is crucial to adapt to current trends.

At Keybe, you can find a tool that brings together the most important aspects that have led to this sales evolution and many more that will be highly useful along the way.

Get ready for the power of Commerce and ensure the ongoing success of your business in the digital era!

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