Artificial Intelligence: Five Ways of Transformation

By: Gabriela Jaimes Galindo

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a constantly evolving technology that increasingly surprises us with its capabilities and its increasing involvement in our daily lives.

Here are five of the most surprising things AI is doing currently and that you should have on your radar if you are interested in adapting to it:

  1. Image analysis and medical diagnosis: It is being used to analyze medical images with impressive accuracy. Its advanced technology allows for the detection of diseases such as cancer, which is why doctors are relying on it for increasingly precise diagnoses.
  1. Automatic translation: AI is revolutionizing the way languages are translated. There are already applications that can translate in real-time with surprising accuracy and between multiple languages. It is breaking down language barriers and making a increasingly globalized world.
Artificial Intelligence Five Ways of Transformation - Keybe KB:

  1. Control of robots and autonomous vehicles: AI is being used to control robots and autonomous vehicles, allowing them to make decisions and perform complex tasks without human intervention.
  1. Content generation: AI is being used to generate content, including news, music and art. This opens up new possibilities in the creative industry, but also raises concerns about the authenticity of content generated by AI, hence the importance of AI being always supported by Natural Intelligence (NI).
  1. Energy efficiency improvement: It is optimizing energy efficiency in buildings and entire cities. It is being used to analyze data and make intelligent decisions about energy use, resulting in cost savings and positive environmental impact.
  1. Facilitates sales through chat: Artificial Intelligence is already present in the business world to make sales processes more efficient. For example, at Keybe, AI is in our Smart Chat so that sales teams can understand their customers’ feelings and respond better to situations, or to suggest real-time responses. Furthermore, to generate sales opportunities without leaving the chat.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence is doing surprising things that range from improving health to optimizing energy. These applications show the potential of AI to improve our lives, but also present challenges for us to adapt and make use of this technology in the best way possible.

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