September is here and with it, we are getting the curve to enter the final stretch of the year. It is an important time to define sales strategies and make the most of all the upcoming commercial seasons 💖🎁🖤⌚️🎄

For this reason, we at Keybe continue to work hard to make it happen together.

You're one Mystery Chat away from taking your business team
to the next level.

Now, with Keybe and JuanMa Gaviria, you will be able to evaluate your sales team individually to identify strengths and weaknesses in chat sales.

Learn more about this and other services here.

SMS messages cost COP $4 in September

We begin the final stretch of the year with important commercial seasons, such as the Day of Love and Friendship in Colombia. For this reason, we continue with SMS messages at COP $4 so you can conquer your customers with the best of your products and empathetic campaigns 🥰.

Now you can access these prices by buying your message packages directly at

Your pinned chats are now
your favorite chats

We had already told you last month that pinned chats would cease to exist in KB: Smart Chat to give way to a new category called Favorites. Here you will find all those conversations that you mark with ❤️, and these will remain there as long as you consider necessary, no matter what state the conversation is in. And most importantly, the favorites will be per team member and not per brand. In this way, everyone will be able to have greater control over their conversations and contacts.


Now you can see a little more
of each message from the menu

Were you getting short of previewing messages before opening them? As we know you were, you will now be able to see up to the first two lines of unopened messages in your chats, so you can have a better context.

KB: Cortex for V6 is now ready

We are proud to announce that KB: CORTEX, the ultimate expression of Artificial Intelligence applied to sales chats, is now ready for use. Some of our customers in V6 are already testing it and very soon it will be for everyone. Do you want to be one of the first? 🤓

You are now one click away
from sending your mass campaigns

Don't panic if you no longer see the KB: FLOWS icon in the side menu on the left side of your screen. Now, KB: FLOWS is located inside the icon (+) of the same bar, and in its place, you will find direct access to Bulk Messages so that you are just one click away from contacting your segments.


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