November's News

This year went by fast!

And that's how fast we tell you

(The last one is amazing 😅)

in your business with up to
one month of demo

Generative Artificial Intelligence
in chats is here to stay and boost the performance of sales reps.

We want you to see the results of Smart-O-Meter with your own eyes and we decided to offer up to 1 month trial to the first 20 companies that request it.

Would you like to have this benefit for your business?

New filters

Now, the Contact filters are more user-friendly. You can easily know which
ones you have active, both in all people and in dynamic segments.

Remember: the filters will open by default if the segment is dynamic, in each
section a number is added to indicate if it is active and how many are active in
case there is more than one.

To close the filters just click on the little arrow at the top next to the search

You now automatically have a fixed
conversation Tag called "SALE COMPLETED".
When you use it, a Sales Card is created immediately. This way, you improve
the traceability of sales opportunities
in the sales funnel.

Conversation tag:

KB: Flows reminder

🚨🚨Have you already connected KB: FLOWS?🚨🚨

If you still don't know what we are talking about, let us help
you. Just answer 3 questions:

MÉTRICS improvements

Thanks to your constant feedback, this month we are working hard on new features and adjustments in Metrics. We will implement improvements in "service time" and we will add the "sale made" metric.

Remember to always share with our Customer Care team new ideas and possible improvements.

Thank you!

With one month left to close the year, a change of plan brings you closer to your goals.

In case you are on the old plans, our commercial team will contact you for your migration before the end of November.

LÁpiz de acero

We are happy and proud to share with all of you our nomination in the category "Best Interface" in the Lápiz de Acero Awards.

These awards are an interdisciplinary meeting around design to highlight the best works in different categories. We will be sharing news with you.

Thanks to all of you for challenging us to be better 🎉.


Law 2300 is now running

If your company deals with people in Colombia, this information
is important...

Last October 10, Law 2300 of 2023, known as
"Ley dejen de fregar", came into force. The purpose of this law is
to protect the right to privacy of consumers, establishing the
channels, schedule and frequency in which they may be

Something that, undoubtedly, will definitely change the dynamics
and strategies of brands to communicate with their customers.


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