A second semester for the new
generation of digital sales reps!
Here are the July updates


Did you know that most unplanned sales occur on people's days off? We want your company
to reach more and more people. Long live Sundays!

For every recharge you make on Sundays in July, get 15% more Daily Chats
in the package you purchase

keybe daily chats plan

Now find the "NO RESPONSE"
filter in Green Mountain

In the chat filters section, you will find "No Response". It's a filter for all those conversations where the last message is from people interacting with your company. Those conversations that did not receive a response from your team.

Group them together and activate them to sell more and better.

keybe inbox us

Filter metrics by advisor
in KB: V6 and know their status
before assigning them chats

Filtering by one or multiple advisors to measure their performance and analyze the indicators of the sales team members is essential.

Likewise, avoid leaving your customers' conversations waiting by transferring their chats to team members who are not online. View the status of other advisors before transferring their conversations.

keybe metrics agent

Now you can have multiple
inboxes in Keybe

Now you can have different lines or departments within the same line connected to Keybe with independent metrics.

Add as many inboxes as you need and group the team members you consider. This way, you can transfer conversations by area or person, according to your customers' interests

Keybe App Inbox

Are you using Keybe and selling with Shopify?
We have important news for you.

Shopify has updated some functions of its API.
This means that some of its modules and integrations will undergo an update.

If your company's Shopify online store is connected to Keybe, please contact our sales representatives for further information.


Not yet part of KB: V6
Green Mountain?

More and more companies are joining our new version. Remember that Green Mountain will take you to be part of the new generation of digital sellers who enhance their performance with Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to upgrade to this version,



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