Just one month into this second half of the year,
and we can already see that the coming months
are full of surprises that will take your sales
to the next level. Want to know why? Let us tell you

Smart Chat now features more
professional and personalized bots.

You probably already have automatic responses in your company's conversations. This time, we want to let you know that with KB: FLOWS, you can easily and quickly customize your company's Chatbot.

The Essential Bot allows you to differentiate between whether your customer is writing for the first time or has contacted you before, identify if you are online or offline to personalize your responses based on the time, and assign the conversation to a specific team member according to each person's needs.

And if you're in the retail industry, your Chatbot can now have a basic menu with options like sales, support, order tracking, and PQRS (Queries, Requests, Suggestions, and Complaints). This allows your customers to identify their needs and communicate quickly with the right person through automatic chat assignment.

Your Quick Replies
are now personalized.

Thanks to constant communication with our customers, we identified an opportunity to improve our personalized responses. Starting this month, these responses will no longer be exclusive by brand but by team members, allowing each salesperson to have their own saved options.

But this is just the beginning: very soon, we will have
KB: CORTEX, an intelligence that learns from each interaction to boost your performance as a salesperson and provide the best experience to your customers.

From pinned conversations
to favorites tab.

Now, the chats you have pinned will be found in a new tab in your top menu called "Favorites." There, you can group relevant conversations that you can't afford to miss and keep better track of them.

Keybe smart chat filters

Welcome to "Let's Talk Sales with Juanma by KB:"
which will give rise to the new generation
of digital sellers.

It is an honor for us to add to our group of wonderful people... Juanma Gaviria, author of "Sell Everything by Chatting" and TEDx speaker, with whom we will give rise to "Let's Talk Sales with Juanma by KB:" the biggest sales community, with the sole purpose of bringing together the sales methodology with our technology in an easy and accessible way, thus giving birth to the new generation of digital sellers. Do you want to know what it's all about and be a part of it?


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