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  • Fewer clicks, more efficiency.
  • No code.
  • Simplicity.
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Train your business' chatbot

Automate conversations through WhatsApp Business API, Instagram DM, iMessages, Google RCS, Facebook Messenger, and Web Chat.

Use personalized and automatic answers to your FAQ and invest this time in real-value tasks.

Group your business' contacts according
to their preferences

Create segments based on people's information and send communications according to their interests.

Generate automatic segments using data your clients share with your brand every day.

Share your brand’s news with all your contacts

Products updates, promos, good news and, birthday messages… among many other reasons to send massive messages through channels such as:

  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Email
  • SMS

All in one App made for today’s entrepreneur

Get to know better every person who is related to you brand

Start saving Instagram, WhatsApp, Web site, and Facebook contacts automatically. Every insight and information matters. A detailed contact profile for everyone.

Many sales and service channels to care about?

Filter the conversations your brand receives optimizing team’s time and respond every chat with empathy. Segment by channel, advisor, waiting time and many other options.

The all in one sales App made for today’s entrepreneur that allows you to attend WhatsApp Business, iMessages, Google RCS, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger and Web Chat in a single tab.

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Want to increase your business' sales? Use Keybe.

The all in one sales App made for today’s entrepreneur

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And much more…

Automate FAQs, reminders, product purchase and shipping confirmations, personalized notes, appointment scheduling, reports, surveys among others.

Connect Keybe with hundreds of Cloud Applications and Chatbots. Focus your time on high-value tasks according your brand’s objectives.

All this in a single
non-code App!

See the results by yourself. Start using Keybe in your business.


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Keybe's news for December are here! 🚀

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