How Trendy Shop put together
its digital sales strategy
to make its business even more beautiful


As happened to the vast majority of businesses that had digital storefronts, Trendy Shop had a great post-pandemic growth that led it to make important decisions regarding the restructuring of its digital sales department with a single purpose:

To adequately
serve the number
of new customers arriving per day
and organize
their information



No more than two years ago, the Trendy team only had one advisor who would soon receive the support of another person to handle the large number of conversations they were beginning to receive. This was done from WhatsApp Business and through each of the networks they had active, which made their process slow, unorganized and the experience for their customers was not the best. And this was not solved by hiring more people, or yes, but with a different approach from the sales department.

This was the origin of the Contact Center directed by Adriana Chacón, who told us that this was Trendy's big bet to face the challenge of the high volume of conversations that the brand was receiving and to give a solution to its challenges:


Once they identified their pains, Adriana and her Trendy team proceeded to shape the brand's Contact Center, which is divided into two fronts: Commercial and Customer Service with about 4 people. And as demand, customers and conversations increased, they bet on digital transformation and opted for Keybe as their only sales tool to integrate their entire digital ecosystem and team and thus enhance their performance, having today 9 people in the sales team and 3 in customer service.

Having Keybe allowed us to integrate WhatsApp conversations, website and social networks in one place, which facilitates the process of responding to customers in less time and with more quality

Laura, one of the Trendy sales team tells us.

It also gives you the facility to create an organized and automatic database to store each contact with whom you communicate on a daily basis and the relevant information or data of each one to classify them into segments according to their interests. For example, if they are wholesale or retail customers.

The best part is that the brand has a bot that helps them to identify the needs of each customer to assign them equally to their sales team, avoiding the accumulation of unanswered chats and sending the customer where they need to go directly, whether it is their usual salesperson, a new one if it is their first time or a customer service person if they have a question, complaint or claim.

And something very important that Adriana's team implemented as a very good practice, is that each one of their salespeople has a business card saved in Keybe that each one sends when starting a conversation, which makes the experience closer and more empathetic from beginning to end because customers know that they are talking to people.


Thanks to Keybe, Trendy not only stores valuable data to identify or segment its customers, but this also allows it to give traceability to the behavior of its customers, such as asking them how they have done with the products and generate close conversations, but also to activate campaigns via SMS, Email and WhatsApp that activate repurchases in seasons or in a smart way.

And likewise, they are constantly strategizing to make repurchases at wholesalers with incentives for promotions, discounts or launches. All from the same App.

At the end of last month, we were below target and decided to activate a mass messaging strategy through a cross-media campaign announcing some new products that were already running out of stock to a total of 8,700 contacts. This triggered a peak of conversations with interested people that helped us meet our goal and more

Adriana tells us.

Some important facts

Trendy's 9-person sales team receives between 120 and 150 conversations per day per salesperson on an average day, rising to 200 and 300 conversations in seasons or campaigns that are attended in their 8-hour periods. This means that on average they are talking all day long with approximately 5 clients at a time. Saving each contact, making traceability and identifying the data of value to save them. All this, thanks to Keybe's smart chat.

Today, the entire digital sales team of TRENDY SHOP moves with Keybe and their success is a source of pride for us that moves us to always be at the height to continue growing hand in hand with them.

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