Primero, Las Negras iniciaron un proceso de transformación digital.

Starting a business in a field that is already saturated with competitors can seem difficult, if not impossible. However, MiCelu, a company that sells cell phones and accessories, proves that success is achievable with hard work, discipline, methodology, and the right tools.

How does MiCelu’s business start?

MiCelu’s CEO and Co-Founder, Melissa, started the business in 2019 with the idea of selling accessories and complementary products for cell phones. One of their main strategies for increasing their reach was to collaborate with micro-influencers. They exchanged content for products, which brought them good results. However, they faced the challenge of managing 100% of their clients in a timely manner as they were the only ones attending to their digital channels.

In 2020, the high demand for cell phones due to the pandemic enabled MiCelu to expand its online sales team to four people, who were responsible for responding to Instagram and WhatsApp Business messages. Although they were able to attend to a larger number of people, they did not have control over who was responding to which messages, and the data they were storing was limited to their sales records, leaving over 70% of people who contacted them outside of their database.

As MiCelu’s reputation grew, the number of messages they received increased significantly, which also amplified their problem of managing customer inquiries promptly. At times, the volume of messages was so high that they had to work double shifts to attend to their clients. They had set a goal of responding within two days, but even this was a challenge.

In search of a suitable tool to help them manage their conversations better, MiCelu tried eight different options and chose Keybe as it was the most comprehensive. The commercial team was initially hesitant about using Keybe, but they soon realized that it was the best option to optimize their work and increase their effectiveness.

How did Keybe help MiCelu?

Keybe helped MiCelu by unifying all digital channels in one place (omnichannel), automatically saving all people who contacted the brand, and segmenting their contacts by behavior and interests to create campaigns that helped them close new sales opportunities.

What have been the results with Keybe?

Since the integration of KB into Keybe’s business processes until today, 5 months have passed, enough time to significantly increase their response times, sales, and team efficiency:

Mely tells us: ‘Since we started using Keybe, our digital sales team has doubled from 4 to 8 people, sales have increased by 20%, and team productivity has improved by 50%.

And what’s coming for MiCelu with KB: SMART CHAT?

MiCelu’s commercial team, led by Melissa, strongly believes in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in chat sales processes. “We have found great value in initiatives such as sentiment analysis and suggested responses from KB: SMART CHAT, because it allows us to prioritize responses to our customers and be one step ahead when serving them,” Mely tells us while reflecting, “I wish I had known about them earlier.” And undoubtedly, our team will embrace any digital transformation that brings the best results to our business and the best experience to our customers.

Keybe KB: Novedades

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