How did Las Negras increase their clients by 300% since using Keybe?

First, Las Negras started a digital transformation process.

Despite having no presence on digital media, Las Negras bet on the digital transformation of their business in late 2022 and opened a new sales channel called “Omnichannel” to complement their traditional channels and reach new generations. The company opened different social media channels with the help of a digital content agency to achieve greater reach, engagement, and of course, new and better sales.

How does KB help them in their internal sales processes?

By having a clear strategy for growth in their digital channels due to their digital transformation, Las Negras’ “Omnichannel” team turned to Keybe to have all their digital communication channels connected in one place, optimizing their sales force’s time by avoiding having to respond to different sales on their social media channels. Additionally, Keybe allows them to automatically create contacts with just a customer initiating a conversation, and during this conversation, with just one click, they can save the customer’s data in their CRM that the chat, with the help of AI, helps to identify. This prevents their team from wasting time storing this data manually and avoids the risk of making errors when typing them.

How does Las Negras’ digital sales team use Keybe to improve their results?

The process begins when a customer or lead writes to Las Negras through any of their channels. A bot promptly attends to them, identifies their needs, and assigns the conversation to a specific salesperson based on availability or interest. Once the conversation begins, the lead’s contact is automatically created in their CRM, and the salesperson can add data with just one click thanks to Keybe’s Smart Chat’s artificial intelligence. Once the customer’s needs are identified, a purchase opportunity can be created in Las Negras’ sales funnel from the same chat. This process optimizes time, and the natural intelligence of the sales team is complemented by Keybe’s AI, resulting in an approximate increase in the number of empathetically served people, sales agents, and sales by xx% each month.

Does artificial intelligence really help them improve their internal processes?

For Manuel, Coordinator of the Omnichannel channel of Las Negras, Artificial Intelligence should be a complement to the day-to-day work of people. Therefore, he sees the Keybe Smart Chat as a tool that helps them better serve their customers by understanding their moods, identifying sales opportunities in conversations, complementing important data, and speeding up their response time as a team.

Just like Las Negras, your company can also improve customer relationships and enter the world of Artificial Intelligence with Smart Chat.

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