Primero, Las Negras iniciaron un proceso de transformación digital.

It’s no secret that GO RIGO GO! is a success thanks to the great charisma and affection of Rigoberto Urán. But what few people know is that behind this brand’s success, there is also the great work of a sales team that serves hundreds of customers who come to them through the different businesses the athlete represents. (GO RIGO GO!, La Finca de Rigo, Uranium, His coffees, workshops, among others)

And the demand for this team is so high that in a matter of months, they went from having a team of 2 to 5 people in their CHAT CENTER department, divided into two fronts: customer service and sales, in order to cover all customers in the shortest possible time and in the best way.

But this success is not just about hiring people. It’s about maximizing their time and enhancing their capabilities to achieve the best results, and here we will tell you how we make it possible together.

The first thing to understand is that, just like in cycling, teamwork is also more effective in chat sales.

For this reason, the GO RIGO GO! the team’s first step was to integrate all their digital channels and sales chats into one place: Keybe. This allowed them to centralize all conversations, reducing response time by 25% and gaining greater control over their chats. As a result, they were able to attend to a larger number of people, leading to a 50% increase in their customer base.

Moreover, this integration enabled them to automate the creation of contacts in their Customer Data Platform (CDP) and feed real-time data into their CRM without requiring additional time from the team.

Additionally, the GO RIGO GO! and Keybe teams worked together to create a bot that complements the Chat Center team. This bot helps serve a larger number of customers in less time by filtering and redirecting them according to their needs. In fact, the bot plays such a vital role that it has even learned to address customers as “Mijito,” “Mijita,” or “Mijite” based on their gender, fostering a more empathetic and personalized relationship with customers.

And what about sales and opportunities?

The Go Rigo Go! The Chat Center team creates opportunities in every conversation with their customers, allowing them to have different sales funnels and control and track their customers’ interests and needs. This means knowing in real time how much money they are selling, how much money is on the table or about to be closed, and identifying improvement opportunities to close deals with more challenging customers. They can then implement campaigns directly from Keybe to keep customers informed, resulting in a 30% increase in sales.

One notable factor contributing to this increase in sales is the effective and empathetic implementation of campaigns through Keybe via SMS and WhatsApp. This practice was not previously done, but it has yielded excellent results and has been well-received by our customers.

And if Rigo is so friendly, is his brand as well?

Empathy and closeness are the greatest differentiators that Keybe offers to its brands, and GO RIGO GO! is no exception. On the contrary, it is one of our success stories and a source of pride. Together, we designed the GO RIGO BOT, a flow aimed at bringing cycling enthusiasts and fans of the brand and Rigo himself closer to him. In this way, people can communicate with the cyclist through WhatsApp, allowing them to have a unique experience with personalized messages designed by Rigo himself and his team, accompanied by audiovisual messages such as videos and voice notes. Finally, they receive a training plan tailored to their needs and goals.

In this way, GO RIGO GO! not only increases its database with loyal and like-minded individuals to its products and brand but also provides them with a unique experience that allows them to have exclusive discounts and firsthand updates. It’s the ideal win-win situation that every brand should strive for.

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And what’s next for the brand?

GO RIGO GO! has understood that implementing technology such as Keybe’s Smart Chat to their sales team is crucial to achieving their goals and enhancing the capabilities and results of their Chat Center members. Therefore, they will continue to integrate and make important connections that allow them to automate processes. For example, integrating their online store with Keybe through KB: FLOWS to gather all the information about their digital sales and opportunities in one place, enabling them to implement automated campaigns such as messages to recover abandoned carts on their website through WhatsApp, SMS, or email. And this can only mean one thing: continuously increasing their sales.

We are confident that Rigo has a room filled with titles and achievements throughout his career, but here, we want to highlight the ones we have achieved together with his brand:

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in response times
+ 0 %
customers served
+ 0 %
in sales made


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