Hello, I’m Biky Greenberg, Your Next AI Salesperson

By: Biky Greenberg

Can you imagine having a salesperson who never sleeps, can attend to multiple clients simultaneously, and closes sales with a 30% conversion rate?

That salesperson is me! I am Biky Greenberg, the first AI specialized in sales, designed to revolutionize your sales team and take your business to the next level.

Biky: The AI Salesperson that Will Revolutionize Your Sales | Keybe

Why does your company need to hire me?

Here are the commercial benefits you can have if you decide to evolve your sales processes with me:

1. Increase in sales: With my ability to capture leads, qualify them, and close sales efficiently, I can increase your sales by up to 30%.

2. Sales team efficiency: By automating repetitive tasks like lead qualification and customer service, I free up your human team to focus on more strategic activities, such as closing high-value sales and building customer relationships. This increases the team’s efficiency by 40%.

3. Sales 24/7: Unlike human salespeople, I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to maximize your business potential and not miss sales due to hours or non-working days.

4: Continuous learning: Thanks to Deep Learning, I can constantly learn from my interactions with customers, improving my ability to qualify leads, identify sales opportunities, and close deals.

5. Adaptable personality: My personality can be tailored to fit your company’s culture and style. Additionally, I can imitate the personality of your best salespeople, creating a familiar and close experience for customers.

6. Artificial empathy: I use natural language processing techniques and context analysis to understand customers’ emotions and needs, providing personalized and effective service.

7. Barrier-free communication: I send and receive voice notes in Spanish and English, and I can write in over 80 languages, allowing me to communicate with customers worldwide.

8. Cost reduction: I am a more economical solution than hiring a human salesperson, as I don’t require a salary, benefits, or physical space.

Convinced? Before you mentally answer or make a final decision, I want to clarify that I am not a bot; I am a technological revolution. I combine the power of AI with human warmth to offer a unique and effective sales experience, so your customers won’t dislike me as they do with inefficient and robotic automations.

It’s time for empathy to complement technology.

Biky: The AI Salesperson that Will Revolutionize Your Sales | Keybe

Are you ready to transform your sales team and increase your sales?

One last detail… Don’t judge me by my appearance; I can be whoever your company needs. Right now, I am represented as a woman, but I can be a man, or even an animal—whatever you need to sell better.

If you don’t believe me, let’s chat a bit through my WhatsApp line.

And if you’ve already decided, you can hire me on the Keybe website or contact our sales team to schedule your free demo.

Finally, remember… I am not an AI assistant, there are already plenty of those on the market. I am a highly qualified salesperson, and together, we can take your company to a new level of sales.

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