This is how
Business API
sessions will
change from
June 1, 2023.

How is it working today?

Currently, sessions of 24 hours
are charged taking
into account 2 variables:

Who initiated
the chat?

To which
country was
it sent?

What will change
from June 1st?

Now there will be additional variables: Business Initiated Conversations
(BIC) are divided into 3 categories
based on the purpose of the

Utility Conversations:

Situations such as requesting
a specific transaction,
or sending an update to the
customer about an ongoing
transaction, including
post-purchase notifications
and recurring billing status.

For example: Delivery status,
purchase confirmation,
appointment scheduling,
among others.

Keybe KB: WhatsApp Authentication


Allows companies to
authenticate individuals with
unique access codes, probably
at different steps of the login

Example: account verification,
account recovery, or integrity

Marketing Conversations:

Includes offers or promotions,
informational updates,
or invitations for customers
to respond or take action.
If a conversation doesn't qualify
as utility or authentication,
it's a marketing conversation.

Keybe KB: WhatsApp Marketing

Important that you keep in mind:

Now, what happens with the
conversations initiated by people
who communicate with their brands?

What we currently know as UIC becomes
Service Conversations.

Service Conversations: All those conversations that help
customers make purchases or resolve queries.

Important: : If a Service Conversation is initiated from an ad
on Instagram or Facebook, it has a validity of 72 hours.
In addition, the 1,000 monthly included sessions that Meta
had previously only apply to Service Conversations from
this change onwards. Not in the categories that belong to BIC.

Meta communicates some new benefits
in this update:

Keybe KB: Novedades

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