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  1. 1 What is KB: SMART-O-METER?
  2. 2 Why use KB: SMART-O-METER?
  3. 3 How do I use KB: SMART-O-METER?
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What is KB:

KB: Smart Chat, powered by Artificial Intelligence, boosts the performance of sales reps, allowing them to cover more conversations in less time and with better quality...

The Smart-O-Meter is nothing more and nothing less than the ability to make that Smart Chat smarter, as it is powered by revolutionary AI. This time, we are talking about Generative AI. A digital brain that learns from every interaction and the information you share with it to speed up the commercial process with good decisions.


Why use KB:

We know that the challenges when it comes to selling never stop, especially when it comes to chat sales. That's why, even though Keybe already has Smart Chat to meet the challenges of our customers, they always set the bar higher.

We encountered many new challenges that led us to the creation of KB: Smart-O-Meter.

You identify with one or more of the following challenges:

1. Sales and customer service teams spend a lot of time writing the same answer repeatedly or consulting information they don't know in manuals or company pages.

2. Default answers sometimes fall short of customer needs or feel so politically correct that they fail to generate closeness.

3. The learning curve for people who sell to or serve customers is very long and is never sufficient to cover the totality of knowledge.

4. High amounts of time are invested in manual processes of commercial management.

5. The right conversations are not prioritized due to high message traffic.

With KB: Smart-O-Meter you train your company's digital brain with documentation, catalogs and real interactions. Your chats learn and assist your teams.

Just imagine a car salesman loading the owner's manual of his latest model in the showcase and a customer asks him for something so technical that it normally takes him a considerable amount of time to find the answer, but with KB: Smart-O-Meter, he has it instantly.

With KB: Smart-O-Meter you can:

1. Decrease operating time in information typing and consultation by more than 60%.

2. Decrease training time by more than 80%.

3. Ensure more cohesive responses with the brand's communication tone by increasing the friendliness and accuracy of the answers.


How do I use

Easy. By having a Keybe account, your business has KB: Smart-O-Meter. It will start at Level 1: ESSENTIAL. From there on, in Settings you can adjust the level according to your brand needs as follows:

KB: Smart o Meter Levels


Functionality Description
Data enrichment

The AI has the ability to interpret value data from contacts and save it to the PDC (KB: Contacts). Data that is automatically saved:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Country

Data that is saved assisted (it is suggested to do so and is achieved with a single click):

  • Email
  • Identity card
  • Additional telephone numbers
Conversational flows on KB: Flows

Access to automatic prospecting bots in KB: Flows (bots customization hours are priced separately)

Suggested Opportunities and Tickets

It interprets purchase intentions or service requests and suggests the creation of the opportunity / ticket with a single click, thus optimizing the assistance process.

Automatic assignment of chats Deliver the conversation to a person or group of people based on rules.


Functionality Description
Essential Same characteristics as Essential
KB: CORTEX: Sentiment analysis from the interpretation of recent messages and the time the conversation has been waiting without receiving a response (soon).

Advanced message suggestions with generative AI and learning from previously uploaded documentation and customer FAQs.


Functionality Description
Cortex Same characteristics as Cortex
KB: TESSERACT Augmented message suggestions with generative AI learning, in addition to the above, from the effective conversational responses of top-rated agents.

Why is KB:

1. It works with natural language understanding and processing (NLP & NLU). Therefore, it has the ability to understand and learn with the cultural and contextual difficulties of human language.

2. It is focused on salespeople. Its actions are executed in order to save your time and increase the accuracy of your sales and customer service messages.

3. It works in a customized way for your business. It not only learns from the previous documentation uploaded, it feeds from each chat to become more and more powerful (machine learning) achieving the desired network effect. More data = greater scalability

4. It is not a bot, it is a generative AI that RECOMMENDS your teams to respond, achieving the agility of the bot but with human empathy. It's human guidance science.


What does it cost
to implement KB:
in my business?

The investment in KB: SMART-O-METER depends on the need and the level of complexity or amount of knowledge you want to train your Smart Chat with.

Initially this scenario will define the Level you want for your brand, which you can consult in the configuration of your platform as follows:

Depending on the Smart-O-Meter level, the value of the Daily Chat increases.

Essential - no change Level
Cortex - 120% increase in Daily Chat value
Tesseract - coming soon

It is important that you take into account the following additional values when training your Smart Chat:

Up to 15 organized sheets: USD $349.65
Not organized: USD $749.25.
2 additional organized sheets at USD $49.95
1 additional unarranged sheet at USD $49.95

You can train KB: Cortex autonomously with our Helpdocs with a maximum of 10 documents of up to 50 KiB. For 10 additional documents of maximum 50 KiB we charge USD $10.



Be among the first to get
KB: SMART-O-METER by taking
advantage of this
introductory offer:

We are giving a demo time before signing a fixed term contract. The times vary according to the level of the customer as follows:

one who invoices more than USD $1,500 per month.

2 months of trial with the signing of an 8 month contract.

those who bill between USD $201 and USD $1,499 monthly

1 month trial with the signing of a 6-month contract.

Those who bill less than USD $200 per month

15 days trial with the signing of a 6-month contract.

The demo (trial) is understood as NOT increasing the value of the Daily Chat for the defined time, but the Daily Chat will continue to be billed in the conventional way for the defined time.