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How to use Keybe

What is Smart Chat and what can I find there?

This is where all the chats that your company receives through the channels connected to the platform are located: WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Web Chat.

It is the module where your sales teams handle conversations, enrich contacts, create sales opportunities and receive intelligent suggestions based on the context of the chat and the sentiment of the person to improve performance.

How do I access Smart Chat?

It’s the first icon on the side menu of your desktop screen.

In the top part, you can find 4 filters:

Active: the chats that are assigned to you and in progress.

All: all the conversations of your company.

Closed: the finished chats. There are 2 sub-filters to differentiate the ones that were closed automatically and the ones that you closed.

Team: all those conversations you have with your team connected with Keybe.

* The view of all chats and features depends on the permissions assigned to each user.

To attend a chat, you must select it and click on ‘Take Conversation’.

Remember that you can switch between Active and Inactive status to receive conversations automatically. You can do this from your profile by clicking on the top left of the screen.

Activate and use Artificial Intelligence in the chats of your company.

The Artificial Intelligence that Keybe provides to your business seeks to enhance the performance of your sales teams with a set of tools that learn from each interaction in your conversations.

Here we explain them:

Real-time Sentiment Analysis

With an emoji close to the chat contact’s photo and a percentage on the far right of the contact, your sales teams will have a real-time Sentiment Analysis. This analyzes the last 5 messages, contextualizes with your company’s chat history and approximates a sentiment.

Answer Suggestions

As your company has more conversations, KB: Artificial Intelligence interprets more context. In this way, Keybe suggests 3 alternative responses based on the last message of the person your team is chatting with. By clicking on the selected option, it will be sent automatically. The more conversations there are, the more accurate the Suggested Responses will be, and the better the understanding of the context.

The person who is going to send the suggested response can refresh the suggestions by clicking on the magic ball on the left side of the options.

Automatic Contact Creation

n order to optimize your team’s time, Keybe recognizes when a conversation is started with a contact that was not previously saved in KB: Contacts. This contact is automatically created with the information provided by the communication medium:

WhatsApp Business: name, profile picture, and cell phone number.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram: name and profile picture.

Web Chat: depends on the form you have prior to the start of the conversation.

Once the contact is created, you can enrich it with all the relevant data you consider. Later on, we’ll show you how to do it

Action Suggestions

With an understanding of the context in the chat, Keybe’s AI not only recommends responses to customer messages but also interprets purchase intentions or service requests to simplify the process of creating tickets or sales opportunities in the funnels previously created in KB: CRM.

Keybe will display 2 buttons (Create or Let it Pass) when it finds any of the 2 options mentioned above.

Likewise, it finds relevant customer data that must be protected, such as ID number or email. Thus, it suggests saving them in KB: Contacts CDP with buttons similar to those of sales opportunities or service contacts.

This is how you can filter your chats

Use the filters to select the conversations you want to see based on the channel, the person who responded, or the order in which you received them.

Pin chats

By right-clicking on a chat, you can pin the conversations you want to have at the top of all chats in your company.

With this option, you can find specific conversations by person’s name, phone number, related data, or chat messages.

Who handles the chat and how is it transferred?

The name that appears on the right side of the contact’s name corresponds to the name of the person on your team who is attending the conversation.

To transfer a chat, go to the upper right corner of your screen, you’ll find a pair of arrows in opposite directions, click on them and select the team member you want to send the chat to.

How to close a conversation?

When concluding a conversation, in order to have complete traceability, it must be finished. It is recommended to assign a closing reason. In the chat, you will find an “X” in the upper right part of the screen. There, you select the reason for closing and the conversation will be closed.

To end the chat, it is necessary to have closure reasons configured. You can do this in Settings, within the Tags option.

Create sales opportunities and service tickets from the chat

Keybe learns from every interaction between your brand and its customers and interprets messages with clear intentions of buying or customer service. In that order, it recommends the creation of the opportunity or ticket from the same message, where only a corresponding amount must be assigned.

You can also do it in the contact details in Sales or Service, depending on the specific case.

Check customer information

By clicking on the name of the person you are chatting with, all the information you have stored will be displayed on the right side of your screen. If it is a new contact, only the information provided by the channel through which they wrote will appear. However, if it is an existing contact, it will display all the information that has been collected over time. There you can also expand the information, fill in new data, and update sales opportunities and/or funnel stages.

Quick Responses

Quick messages are a repository of predetermined messages that can be made available to advisors on the platform. These can be text, video, PDF, or images and serve as a quick guide to answering your customers’ questions.

Its main function is to optimize your team’s time by facilitating the sending of repetitive messages. Typically, predefined responses to frequently asked questions are provided in this section.

This is a practice that also helps to have a uniform language and greater certainty in the responses. The icon that represents quick responses is a lightning bolt.

To configure quick responses, go to Settings and select Quick Responses.

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