Who is Biky?


Biky is the ultimate virtual assistant your sales team could ever have. Powered by state-of-the-art AI, Biky is available 24/7 to handle your conversations, reducing response times in your operations, fostering empathy, and revolutionizing the market with unparalleled charisma.

Who Can Train Biky?

It’s crucial to have designated individuals for Biky’s training as information needs to be constantly updated and aligned with your entire team. Any user with the role of Administrator or Trainer for your brand can train Biky.

How Can I Train Biky?

To train Biky, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Biky’s configuration interface: Inside Keybe >> Settings >> Biky Montes.
  2. Within the configuration interface, you will find the following sections:
  • General: Here, you can configure the language type, default language (English, British English, Spanish and Portuguese), Length of text, use of emojis and data to get (6 maximum).
  • Personality: This section allows you to configure Biky’s personality as a salesperson, assistant, or customer service representative.
  • Looks: Here, you will find the different avatars of Biky, her voice, and you will also be able to add the pronunciation of different words.
  • Knowledge: Here you can find all the data in PDF, URL, or custom training by fragments, upload documentation (PDF only), input URLs with specific brand information.
  • Market: This section covers the functions that Biky can utilize from her AI, such as saving data in the CDP, scheduling, managing a catalog, sending and listening to voice notes, and transferring to an advisor.
  • Errors: In this section, you can find the responses marked as incorrect given by Biky. Remember that in KB, you can mark Biky’s incorrect responses and correct them from this section.
  • Channels: In this section, you will find the WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger lines that you have connected with Keybe.
  • Plans: Here you find the plan you currently have, and you can change it as well.

How Should Documents for Training Biky Be?

  • Documents must be in PDF format.
  • They should not exceed 5 pages.
  • They must have a logical and structured order with headers and regular text (Hierarchy).
  • Google Docs offers a hierarchy of headers ranging from Header 1 (most important) to Header x (least important). Think of Header 1 as a title, Header 2 as a subtitle, Header 3 as a sub-subtitle, and so on. Biky internally recognizes the document’s structure and processes the data accordingly, understanding that a Header 2 is a subtopic belonging to Header 1, thus organizing the information efficiently without losing details.
  • Once you have the document, remember to convert it to PDF. If using Google Docs, click on File >> Download >> PDF Document.

Important Notes:

  • Uploaded documents must be in PDF format.
  • There is currently a limit of 5 pages per PDF.
  • The document must have a logical and structured order with titles and regular text (Hierarchy).
  • If information changes on a website, you must update the URL in Biky by deleting the old one and pasting the new one (as we’re currently working on dynamic updates).
  • Some websites may have high security measures preventing Biky from obtaining information. In such cases, information must be compiled into a PDF. You’ll notice this when synchronizing if a yellow warning symbol appears next to the link.
  • Biky currently doesn’t interpret videos. If you want Biky to send them, they must be in the form of a link. Initially, Biky will respond with a voice message (2), subsequent messages will be in text.
  • The data you can obtain is limited to 6 pieces of data, which must be in your CDP.
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