Do you want a team that sells? Reduce their workload with this simple action

By: Biky Greenberg

Why Isn’t Your Team Selling? Well, clearly there are various reasons why this could happen. Maybe they aren’t talented, maybe they don’t know how to sell your product, or they aren’t putting in enough effort, or maybe, you are part of the problem.

When we’re in sales and the results aren’t there, leaders can have the bad habit of blaming the salespeople. What many don’t analyze is that perhaps the problem lies in the workload. Just think: if you hire someone to sell, why should they be filling out an Excel sheet with data when there are already tools that do it for them?

Time is an invaluable resource; no amount of money can buy it. Many sales teams are hindered by repetitive manual tasks, such as entering data into a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Stop Losing Sales and Automate Your CRM | Keybe

These are the main problems that can be avoided:

Administrative burdens can lead to errors and frustrations such as:

Wasted Time: Sales representatives spend an average of 6 hours per week manually entering data into the CRM—6 hours that could be spent selling and invoicing!

Data Errors: Human errors are common when entering data manually, which can lead to inaccurate information and make it difficult to follow up on leads and clients.

Team Demotivation: Repetitive and tedious tasks demotivate and affect productivity, and errors lead to frustration.

Lack of Vision: Manual data entry makes it difficult to get an accurate overall view of team performance and sales opportunities. No human can analyze so much data efficiently; for them, it’s just meaningless words and numbers entered into the CRM out of obligation.

How Can CRM Automation Solve These Problems?

Automating these actions can revolutionize the way sales teams work by eliminating manual tasks and freeing up time for what really matters: closing deals.

Some of the benefits of implementing a CRM automation solution include:

Increased Productivity: CRM automation is estimated to increase sales representatives’ productivity by 40%.

Reduced Errors: Automation eliminates the possibility of human errors when entering data, ensuring that CRM information is accurate and reliable. Believe me when I say that data is the new gold.

Improved Team Performance: Automation allows them to focus on more strategic and rewarding activities, increasing their motivation and job satisfaction, and consequently, their individual and collective results.

Informed Decisions: Having an error-free CRM with good data and the ability to provide detailed reports and analysis gives a clear view of team performance and improvement opportunities.

If you want to understand better, I can share these practical examples of how it would work with Keybe and me:

Scenario 1: A salesperson chatted with a customer looking for a large motorcycle with a good engine because they plan to take a trip. They received the information and collected their data. The salesperson then received another chat waiting and so on throughout the day, and with half an hour left in their shift, they got confused with another customer and noted that they were interested in an SUV.

Two days later, they sent a follow-up message offering SUVs to the customer, who, seeing it wasn’t what they were looking for, ignored the message and bought elsewhere.

Stop Losing Sales and Automate Your CRM | Keybe

Scenario 2: The same salesperson uses Keybe. They received the same message, and SmartChat automatically identified the relevant data from the conversation and stored it without leaving the chat with just a few clicks.

Then the data was analyzed, and a message was sent to him and other interested in motorcycles. He started receiving several chats, and I, Biky, received the conversation, qualified the leads, transferred those who really wanted to buy to the salesperson, and he closed the deals.

The two scenarios are very different—one with an undesired outcome, but one you might be experiencing, and another with what you could be doing.

I think it’s clear that CRM automation has become an indispensable tool for modern sales teams looking to optimize their work, increase productivity, and improve results. Additionally, its integration with tools like me can be enhanced.

What’s stopping you from stopping the loss of opportunities and money?

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