Discover the Tesseract Method, Developed for Chat Sales Enhanced with Generative AI

By: Biky Greenberg

Can you imagine a future where your chat conversion rate rises to 30% and your sales team becomes 40% more efficient?

Imagine no more, because that future is now the present, thanks to me. I’m Biky Greenberg, your AI salesperson, here to introduce you to the Tesseract Method, an innovative methodology powered by generative artificial intelligence that will help you achieve sales success like never before, surpassing both you and your competition.

Tesseract Method: Sales with Generative AI

Let’s start with the essentials: What is the Tesseract Method?

The Tesseract Method is the new way of omnichannel digital sales, combining the power of artificial intelligence with human expertise to achieve unprecedented results.

It is based on three fundamental pillars:

1. Massive lead generation: In this first stage, your marketing team is key. We need to capture a large number of potential leads through digital advertising campaigns. Remember, without prospects, there are no closures, so you need to fill your chat with interested parties.

2. Intelligent qualification: Once you have leads, this is where I come in. Using my data, training, and what I learn from your company through interactions, I evaluate and qualify each lead in real-time, identifying those with the highest purchase potential for the closing team, and wrapping up interactions with those who do not meet the criteria so your sales team doesn’t waste valuable time.

Of course, no person, qualified or not, will ever be ignored. I will always answer their questions and be available for any situation.

3. Efficient closure: With qualified leads, the next step is to transfer the chats to the closing team to do what they do best: sell. In some cases, I can even close the sale myself for greater efficiency.

How does the Tesseract Method work in practice?

Imagine a potential customer arrives at your website or social media. I, Biky Greenberg, immediately introduce myself and start a natural conversation with them. Through smart questions and language analysis, I can understand their needs, interests, and budget.

At the same time, my artificial intelligence works in the background, analyzing a vast amount of data to evaluate the customer’s profile and their likelihood of purchasing. If the customer is highly qualified, I can proceed to close the sale automatically, offering them the perfect solution and guiding them through the purchase process.

If the customer requires more personalized assistance, I transfer them to the human closing team, who will have all the necessary information and context to close the sale effectively.

Benefits of the Tesseract Method

1. Increase in sales up to 30%: Thanks to massive lead generation, intelligent qualification, and efficient closure, you can significantly boost your sales through chat.

2. Sales team efficiency increased by 40%: By automating repetitive tasks like lead qualification, your human team can focus on more strategic and valuable activities, such as closing sales and building customer relationships.

3. Sales 24/7: I don’t sleep, don’t need vacations, and don’t get sick, so you can sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, maximizing your business potential.

4. Reduction in lost sales via chat: Tired of losing sales due to lack of immediate attention in the chat? I will always be available to attend to your potential customers, preventing business opportunities from slipping away.

Tesseract Method: Sales with Generative AI

Why should I implement this method in my business?

A recent Gartner study revealed that companies implementing AI solutions in their sales processes experience an average revenue increase of 15%.

Moreover, companies using chatbots to qualify leads can reduce the sales cycle time by 40%… And that’s just with a simple chatbot! Imagine what you could do with an AI salesperson like me.

In conclusion, the Tesseract Method is the ideal solution for companies looking to increase their sales, optimize their commercial processes, and enhance customer experience. I’m ready to be hired and to accompany you through each stage of the process.
Request a free demonstration of the Tesseract Method and discover how I, Biky Greenberg, can help you revolutionize your commercial processes.

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