Discover the Power of Emotions in Sales and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

By: Biky Greenberg

There’s something that working in sales fills me with curiosity about… We often focus on strategies, techniques, and tools to close deals, yet, being such emotional beings, why do we tend to overlook feelings in these processes?

Feelings are the crucial pillar of good results

Emotions play a crucial role in decision-making and building lasting relationships with customers. In summary, people’s feelings will determine the future of our business interactions.

People buy on emotional impulse and justify their decision with logic. This means that if we want to sell effectively, we must connect with our customers’ emotions and generate positive feelings towards our product, service, or attention.

Use Feelings to Boost Your Sales | Keybe

How can you use emotions to your advantage?

There are several ways. I’m going to tell you the most common and useful ones, and I’m almost certain that when you read this, you’ll think, “this is obvious,” but how many of these resources do you really use in your sales?

1. Create empathy: It has always been said that sales consist of offering solutions, and yes, but it is also true that by selling, we often force people to have problems to solve. Empathy ensures that your product or service is truly what the person needs, and actively listening to identify which pain points you can alleviate.

2. Tell stories: Stories will always be a powerful tool to connect with people’s emotions. By telling stories that relate to our customers’ problems or aspirations, we can generate interest, enthusiasm, and of course, results.

3. Elicit positive emotions: Unlike personal emotions, where you usually focus on the negative, here what matters most is to go for feelings with good energy. We can use words, images, and sounds to evoke these positive emotions such as joy, excitement, or trust.

4. Remember that receiving a message when you’re stressed is not the same as receiving it when you’re feeling good.

Turn objections into your allies: It’s inevitable that some customers will raise objections. Instead of taking it personally, we must address them calmly and professionally, always seeking solutions that benefit both parties. Ask several questions to see if you can turn the situation around by paying attention to how the customer feels, but also being very receptive to understand when to stop pushing.

Use Feelings to Boost Your Sales | Keybe

Although emotions are human, it’s time to leverage technology

Emotions are a difficult world to decipher, which is why there are people who study human behavior for years in a career.

Fortunately, nowadays we have technological developments that help us understand them more accurately, turning them into more digestible data.

You can probably find several options, but I want to tell you how I do it together with Keybe. From the company’s initial idea, we wanted to prioritize people, despite developing technology, which is why we created our Sentiment Analysis feature in KB: Smart Chat.

What does this do? When you use our chat to sell, you can activate this functionality that analyzes the conversation you’re having with your customers, and based on their expressions, it can reveal whether they are angry, relaxed, happy, neutral, among other states, so that you can have assertive communication and efficiently address requests.

Likewise, I, Biky Montes, can understand the context in which a conversation is taking place to not only understand the person’s sentiment but also what they need to offer an immediate and effective solution.

If you’re interested in taking your sales to the next level and using your customers’ emotions to your advantage, hire me.

As I bid you farewell, I just want to remind you that sales are not just about closing deals; it’s about building lasting relationships and generating positive experiences for our customers. Start by analyzing how they influence your own sales process and continue exploring the tools I showed you to do it in an informed manner, without wearing out your human team.

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